Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scribe 12-6-11

Scribe 12-6-11

In Smiths class on Tuesday, right before our late start (thankfully), we had a substitute teacher, Mr. Rosenberg. We then finished the last of act four, scene two of ‘’Inherit the Wind.’’ For what we know now, Drummond had trapped Brady and turned Brady’s own words against him. Drummond had used a rock to show there is no way to say how long the earth has been around, and also used the sun to point out there was no real way to determine how long creationism really was. Brady was depressed about his loss at the end and basically excepted defeat. Like Will M. said, ‘’Drummond overcame the power of Brady in the court and showed up Brady. Drummond made Brady sad at the end of the court scene.’’ Basically, Drummond stole Brady’s confidence. We then spent the last 15 minutes reading the first part of act three, which took place in the courtroom again. 

Homework- Any redoes do Friday, This means:
Make-up quizzes
Facebook page
Any redoes YOU need to do (no D’s!!!!)
Also be sure to get all pod-casts in by Friday for anyone who has not done it

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