Monday, December 12, 2011

Scribe 12-8-11

In Smiths class on Thursday we finished Gone with the Wind and took the last quiz. Then we just had individual work time.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scribe 12-6-11

Scribe 12-6-11

In Smiths class on Tuesday, right before our late start (thankfully), we had a substitute teacher, Mr. Rosenberg. We then finished the last of act four, scene two of ‘’Inherit the Wind.’’ For what we know now, Drummond had trapped Brady and turned Brady’s own words against him. Drummond had used a rock to show there is no way to say how long the earth has been around, and also used the sun to point out there was no real way to determine how long creationism really was. Brady was depressed about his loss at the end and basically excepted defeat. Like Will M. said, ‘’Drummond overcame the power of Brady in the court and showed up Brady. Drummond made Brady sad at the end of the court scene.’’ Basically, Drummond stole Brady’s confidence. We then spent the last 15 minutes reading the first part of act three, which took place in the courtroom again. 

Homework- Any redoes do Friday, This means:
Make-up quizzes
Facebook page
Any redoes YOU need to do (no D’s!!!!)
Also be sure to get all pod-casts in by Friday for anyone who has not done it

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scribe 12/2/11

                We Skype Today! We talked to students from a school in Korea and visually chatted about our This I Believe essays. Hw: Get your speech’s ready and study for the vocab quiz: Dismal, Maleficent, Benefactor, Benevolent, Benediction, Malevolent.
Many thanks to Mr. Smith for setting up our day and Jacks Mom for the food.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Scribe 12-1-11

Today in Smith’s English 9 we went over the procedure for tomorrows Skype, (remember this is a HUGE DEAL, Mr. Smith and others worked like crazy for this to happen, you must thank them!!!!)  the procedure is, find your seat, plug in headset, turn computer on, accept terms of use, sign into Skype, and talk away. We then read Act 2 Scene 2 from Inherit the Wind.
Homework: WE SKYPE TOMORROW!! Also in preparation, ready your questions for your partner, podcast your TIB essay using Audacity if you’ve not done it yet. Don’t forget to wear Arapahoe apparel for the Skype. We also have a vocab test on Monday so study all your words.

Friday, November 18, 2011

scribe 11-18-11

Today in Smith’s lovely class we talked over about editing our This I believe essay. The following is important to put your TIB essay in Smiths folder. First make sure to export and save it as your name. ex ScottA, you need to save it as a word doc. First click on classes on a library computer, then click on smith, and click on English 2. Finally drop the doc into the drop box. To drop it in you drag the doc into the drop box. She will be able to see if you put the doc into the drop box. Other piece of homework that is not required is to redo Facebooking the Odyssey. Also we did our Pln presentations, so tell your folks at home to watch your great presenting skills. We also wanted to drop our writing piece into the drop box and went to Mr. Fisch’s blog and read “What Should be the Purpose of School” and we clicked on the google form and filled it out.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scribe 11-17

Today in our fantastic, fun charismatic class we finally got around to reading one of the most fascinating books in the world! In our Superb class we reviewed that our TIB essays are due by the Monday after thanksgiving break. Can I get a wahoo for one week off school? To get full credit on our TIB essay you need to go in for writing lab or either see Smith and proofread to make your essay near-perfect. After we reviewed that we got around to reading, along with acting out, our book, Inherit the Wind. Although some people in our class don’t exactly know their roles yet, we still attempted to act out the scenes as best as we can. Don’t forget to bring your own book tomorrow so that Smith doesn’t have to loan you one of hers. You know that leads to depressing things. Get it…The Great Depression?
Our homework for Smiths class is:
·         PLN presentations
·         TIB essay
·         Face booking Redo’s
·         Any other Redo’s.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scribe 11-10-11

In Smith’s English 9 class on 11-10-11 (tomorrow is 11-11-11, don’t forget) we worked on our final essays. Smith is giving us all of thanksgiving to finish the entire essay. It must be 350-500 words. Be sure to check the rubric for the full details. We also worked on our PLN topics. We all seemed to be slipping,  so lets pick it back up. Every topic sentance needs a WHY!! Our final PLN will be on Friday, so always have that ‘’because’’ in it. Today, we also created a skype account for the soul purpose of talking to Soul. BE SURE TO REMEMBER YOUR SKYPE NAME! We also need to add Smith in our contacts (anneemmaSmtih). 
PLN presentations: Will B. Caleb, Adam, Joey
Vocab Card: Benevolent
Last PLN on Friday due monday
Any redos- PLN for this six weeks, facebook page

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scribe 11/9/11

Today we wrote our essays for the This I Believe... Homework is
Then we started to write our essays using the idea of “Show don’t tell” (use imagery). The essay must be in between 350 - 500 words and with such little space make sure you only put in it what pertains to the writing assignment. The rubric for the this i believe essay is here,
Then we finished our PLC day by typing our rough draft.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scribe 11-8

  • Come up with list of ideas for This I Believe essay
  • PLN 20 (Write on others blog)

What We Did:
  • Received our Inherit the Wind books
  • Received our new seating chart
  • Checked in the big brown books
  • Took a 2 question quiz about the Odyssey
  • We went onto This I Believe website, Smith told us how schools from all around the world are partnering with AHS.
  • Looked at the guidelines for This I Believe essay on there website by clicking on “write” in the top right and hit “guidelines”
  • We looked at an example essay by Isabel Allende and Penn Jillette

Monday, November 7, 2011

Scribe 11/7/11

Today in Mrs. Smiths English 9 class we worked on our new vocab card which was the world “Benevolent”. Today’s attendance was good we were only missing two people. Facebook characters are due tomorrow, go to Will M or Trent N or a couple others for help. Lou demonstrated “Benevolent” on the board. Benevolent means, Kindly or Well-meaning, antonym is Malevolent,  and a sentence using benevolent is “The benevolent Bill Gates donates millions of dollars to underprivileged organizations". After we worked on our vocab card we worked on our Facebooks for the rest of the class.

Bring ear buds
Finish Facebook

Sunday, November 6, 2011


In George F. “Will’s Lost in Electronica” talks about how boys are being board to much. This matters to me because i don't like being board its no fun but. It is hard to be doing something fun every second and it is hard to be doing something every second. And Doctors are now saying it is not good to be board for a long time and i do not want to be doing something that is not good for me. This matters to education because kids get board allot in school and it is hard to learn when its boring. Everyone seams to remember thing vary well it is was fun and existing. But know one remembers ideas that are boring. So how are kids going to learn if they are board all the time in school. This matters to the world because if kids are not learning in school because they are board how is the world going to move forward in technology and in the future. I is also not healthy for humans t be board allot. The article talks about how 50 years ago people would get board after two hours of nothing to do now people get board after 30 seconds of nothing to do. Doctors say the reason for this is technology. So do you think that technolagy has help the world and humans after all. All in all, boredom is a problem for boys and for eveyone and is a problem that humans need to fix.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scribe 11/2/11


Today in Mrs.Smith’s class we started of with copying down our homework. All redos are due by tomorrow. We continued to read the Odyyessey. Page 560 line 300 tell the end. Odysseus
defeats his enemy’s and rejoins himself with his wife Penelope. Penelope tests him with a secret that only he would know to make sure he is the real Odysseus. We than got our computers out to work on our Facebook page and watched a movie on the books. The scene we started with was the scene in the Cyclops’s cave. Odysseus and his men escaped the cave only losing 2 of his warriors. They make it to the land of Circe’s Palace where Odysseus’s men have been turned into animals. After he sleeps with Circe, her women than feed them lotus flower and seduce them into a calm relaxing state of mind. Circe tricks them in thinking that they’ve been there for five days but really they’ve been there five years. Odysseus soon realizes hes been there for way to long. He takes his men and leaves. He must now travel to the depths of hell to talk to Tiresias. When hes there he learns he must travel through the land of Scylla and Charybdus. We Skip ahead a few chapters to when he is at home and with his with Penelope. We ran out of time and stopped the movie. Homework for tonight is to work on your Facebook page and to do any and all redos for tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scribe 11-2-11

Today, in Smith’s English 9, we finished up our short quiz on book 12 of the Odyssey. We then read book 21. Tomorrow we will watch clips of the Odyssey and get some facebook work time. Then on Friday after the presentations we will get more work time. Facebook projects are due Monday. Our homework is to redo: short story and ITW essays, PLN’s (10-18), Star Wars notes, short story annotations and Google Earth projects. ALL REDOS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PLN 18

Dear Mr. Mcleod,

            In your post, “In the Future,computer and data everywhere” I can imagine how school, medicine, business, and life will all be greatly altered because of the advances in technology. If the advancements in the video become reality school will be totally change. Instead of carrying around a big book we will be given a tablet that will contain everything that we would ever need. We will be able to communicate with our teachers and have discussions to make us more inventive and resourceful learners. We can also collaborate with people all over the world and learn what they believe and why. We will be able to see how other people live from the comfort of our school, office or even out very own house. Our business will become a lot more connected and intertwined with the world because the world is really at out finger tips. Goods and ideas can be shared and talked about to make changes that will help the seller become more successful. If the technology shown in “In the Future, computer and data everywhere” becomes actuality our world would instantly become connected through a screen.

Scribe 11/1/11

We started with the homework which was:
  • PLN 18 - Due Wednesday Post on Your Blog and Others
  • Facebooking - Try to Add Pictures and Text, its due next week

Then we started to read The Odyssey: Book 12.
During this chapter, Odysseus and his men left Circe’s Island and headed for home. Although they were headed home they could not go the easy route, they must: Ignore the sirens (A bird like women that sings to draw you toward them and crash your ship),quickly row past Scylla who will take six of his men(A six headed flying beast that lives high up in the prowling rocks), go around the prowling rocks and drifters, and row as fast as possible to get away from Charybdis. After completing these goals Odysseus lost six of his best men, but made it through alive. Past the rocks is the land of Helios and his cattle, Odysseus’s men ignored his warning and raided the cattle. Helios very frustrated made Zeus destroy Odysseus's ship in which all of his men died. Proving Polyphemus’s prayer request to come true(He prayed to Poseidon, his father).
  • After completing Book 12 we took the quiz, however we did not finish.
  • Be ready to complete the quiz tomorrow.
  • Also if our beloved projector is fixed we will watch the scenes from the movie about Odysseus


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scribe 10-27-11

Today in Mrs. Smiths English Nine class, We were discussing and reading The Odyssey. We were discussing Odysseus and other characters and we did a group packet discussing what we have read so far.
  • Homework:

  • Facebook Pages:
        Set up basic page.
        Email link.
  • PLN Presentations:
        Alex M.
  • Vocab Card

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Dear Mr . Mcleod,

After i read your "Districts are Still Fearful of Teachers Communicating with Students using Facebook", i really agree with you in that it is human nature for us to not like or be scared of something that is new or different. This matters to me because i am not good at technology at all and now that i am in high school i use computers all the time. So i am always behind and catching up because i don't know how to use the technology. But i am slowly getting batter and i am more familiar with the computers now. This matters to education because not all students have the same equipment that the schools have. Computers are not cheep so teachers have to make Sheree that all the students have a computer or can get one. Because what if the teacher assigns homework on the Internet. I the student doesn't have that he cant do the homework. This matters to the world because the world is getting more modern each day and if we don't teach are students how to use the technology and the tools that the modern world is using. How will we advance in the future. What do you think schools will be like in 10 years. All in all, schools and the world are advancing in technology and we need to teach are students in the future and now how to use it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Scribe 10-24-11

Today in English 9, 2nd Hour, we got a new vocab card (dismal) the PLN 15 was checked, and we watched star wars, while taking notes on epic hero and epics. Then midway though us watching the movie, our beloved projector died. (Unknown-Oct. 24 2011)(R.I.P) After we took a moment of silence, we then began talking about our Odyssey project. If you need the guidelines, go to the webpage and go under the “Odyssey” Our home work is to Redo: PLN's, short story essays, Google Earth projects, short story annotations and the star wars notes will be collected tomorrow, (Tuesday, Oct. 24) ALL REDOS DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4.
News Update: In the Last Seconds of Class, Mr. Ficsh Brought in the Born-Again Projector!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scribe 10-18-11 Tuesday

Today in Mrs. Smiths English Nine class, We are turning in Into The Wild books. We Are turning in GE/GM one threw eight. Then we started doing are in class essay. Take sticky notes out of into the wild.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Scribe 10/17/11

Today in are wonderful all bros English class we went over the outline for the Into the Wild essay we have tomorrow.
Here's a list of all the things your essay must include:

Defend or refute the following question in a well written multi paragraph, thesis driven essay.

In Jon K’s Into the Wild, is Chris McCandless a visionary or a fool? Why or why not?

Use 2 direct quotations from the text to support your answer.

  • Name
  • Class Info
  • Date
  • Title -centered and creative (Not underlined)

  • Attention getter: quote, question, fact-make sure ti cite the sorce
  • Explain attention getter
  • Background info on text (Into the Wild- what it’s about)
  • Thesis: title, author, restate question, answer question, and why

Thesis Example: In Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild, Chris McCandless is a visionary/fool because...
    1. he took a quest to find himself through abandoning his family; living alone in Alaska.
2. he went on a journey to discover himself by letting material possessions go and “living of the land.”
  • Topic Sentence (restatement of out thesis)
  • Set up first point
  • Lead-in quote, “quote” (Krakauer 67)
  • Explain quote- what does the quote mean, how does it connect to topic sentence, and thesis
  • Transition
  • Set up second point
  • Lead-in quote, “quote” (Krakauer 67)
  • Explain quote- what does the quote mean, how does it connect to topic sentence, and thesis
  • Concluding sentence

Concluding sentence example: Clearly by separating himself and living in solitary he accomplished his journey and is a visionary/fool.
  • Restate thesis
  • Review point made
  • End with a satisfying conclusion (tie back to attention getter)
Homework: work on rough draft to prepare us for the essay, and REDO you work! Also finish you vocab card for Friday "malevolent"

P.S. if anyone has a good blender please share what kind it is with me because mine just broke :(
In the book Into The Wild by John Krakauer Chris McCandless most values the simplicity of life and to be one with yourself and nature.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Into the Wild Topic Sentence

Answer the following question in a well written topic sentence: In Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, what does Chris McCandless most value and why?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scribe for 10-11

English 9 week-Tuesday 10/11/11
Today in Smiths English class we finished watching the end of the movie “Into The Wild”. We also had a scored discussion on the end of the book “Into The Wild” by Jon Krakauer.  
HW:Ge 1-8 done by Monday the 17th, redo short story essay, Redo short story annotations, Redo discussion, PLN 14:Post to another blog

Friday, October 7, 2011

Scribe for 10-7

In Smith’s spectacular second hour class we have three pieces of homework.
1.Three questions from chapters 11-18 in Into the Wild.
2.Get prepared for the big graded discussion on Monday.
3.Do PLN 13 “Googley Advice” over the weekend due Monday. (Remember that only on the Tuesday PLN do you write a letter to the author)
On the agenda today we had a splendid vocabulary quiz where we had to know the part of speech, know the definition, and write a sentence using the word. We also listened to PLN presentations from our following classmates. Alex Morris who did his PLN 10 about Karl Fisch’s “Just Write Poorly, In Public, Everyday” I personally think Alex did a fantastic job! Isaiah did his “What Matters” which was also good but didn’t end with a question. Jack Marion also did his “What Matters” and ended with a great question. Scotty did his “PLN4” which was about a very serious topic, underage drinking. Trent also did his “What Matters” Just a note to everyone keep your hands at your sides and finish with a question. We had some extra time at the end of class so we broke into small groups and either read or worked on our PLN 13. Just another fantastic day in Smith’s all boys class.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today in Mrs. Smiths English 9 all boys class we started off by going over our homework which was to read chapters 15 & 16, ask meaning full questions, connections, and annotations. Also we have a vocab quiz tomorrow on all our vocab words including the vocab card that is due tomorrow. Tomorrow several of the students in our class will be presenting on our PLN work in front of the class. Today we listened to the song "long Nights" and made connections from it to the other stories that we have read in the past. Then we read chapter 15 in "Into The Wild" and discussed it.

Scribe 10\5\2011

Today in Mrs. Smith’s English 9 class we started out with catching up on our vocab cards, read chapter 13 in "Into The Wild" as a class and then she gave us time to either read as a group or to work on things by ourselves. We where reminded that it is important to get our grades up by redoing assignments as many times as we want within the time limit. Our homework was to read chapters 13-14 and ask meaningful questions, also we have a vocab quiz on friday

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scribe 10/4/2011

Today in Smiths class we first talked about homework. Todays home work consists of: vocab quiz, PLN 12 and read chapters 11-12. Then Smith told us about how helpful it was hyperlinking the actual blog to our blog. Also remember to cross-post our PLN. Short story redos are due today. For the people who did not get a good score on the scored discussion, Smith told us to come in and talk to her. Next we read more of Thoreau’s Higher Laws. We connected this passage by Thoreau to Chris Mcandless. Our class looked for quotes so that we can connect with “into the wild” Chris is living the extreme. He continues finding challenges for himself. Next smith told us that we have two options, reading chapters 11-12 as a class or work on PLN 12.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pln11: 2020

“2020 Vision”, by Karl Fisch describes our huge leap in technology developments and how the class of 2020 will look back at technology today and laugh.  Already much technology equipment has been designed in this early 21st century, and it is absolutely mind blowing on how advanced the world has become.  The class of 2020 most likely started their learning career in 2007. That year is significant to me because the first ever Iphone was created.   Economically the creation of all the new technology has been downright expensive, but in 2020 the price tag for a laptop might be double from what it is today because of the increase in technology.  By 2018 the world may stop importing oil goods and run completely off of energy.  My own thoughts are during or by the end of this decade, you won’t see many of your favorite television shows live, instead you will probably watch them on a cell phone or laptop.  Let’s face it most Americans don’t watch the season premiere of Glee when it’s airing live!  Instead they just record and watch it when they aren’t as busy, or they might just search up funny clips from the episode online.  I’m not saying television will be extinct; they just won’t be used as often.  Overall, I have no clue on what the world will be like for the class of 2020; however I wish the best of luck to you guys on trying to keep up with technology.

Scribe 10/3/11

Today in Smiths fabulous gentleman's class we wrote our questions on the board and discussed chapters 5-11 in Into The Wild

Homework: Vocab quiz over the 6 words we learned on Friday, read chapter 11 in Into The Wild, Vocab card (philosopher), and redo short story annotations.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Scribe 9/30/11

Today in Smith’s class we did many thing’s. First off, homework due Monday is to read chapters 9-10 and write down three higher level questions. Also GE 6 which is, write a letter to Chris from someone who is against what Chris is doing. PLN 11 needs to be posted on your own blog. On Monday be prepared to discuss chapters 5-10. Then we turned in vocab cards and watched PLN presentations. Overall good presentations but leave out unneeded words such as like and um. Also bring a note card so you are not messing with your hands and so you don't look at the board. To add on to that look at more than just a few people, look at every one in the class. After presentations Smith checked for the three questions over chapters 5-8. Finally to end the day, Smith helped people that need help with google maps and every one else had free work time.   

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scribe 9/29/11

Today in our all guys class we started off by going over what makes the new type of pln good. It includes; a good topic sentence (MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A WHY IN THE TOPIC SENTENCE), good connections, and good questions. Make sure you are writing to the person and not talking about them, prof read, no personal words, talk specific, and stay on topic. Next we watched clips from the movie Into The Wild and discussing relationships.

Homework: make sure you have read chapters 5-8 in  Into The Wild, redo the essay paper, vocab card, redo short story annotations.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


HW: Paper redos- writing lab final copy due 10/1, read 4-7 Into The Wild (3 questions, annotations, connections, questions), redo short story annotations.

I the all boys class today we had a few visitors that were not guys. They helped us with discussing what is better about Arapahoe compared to other high schools around the world. After discussing the attributes of Arapahoe, the class as one started to highlight and annotate chapter 6 of Into The Wild.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today In smiths Amazing 2nd hour English class we read just write poorly by mr. fisch. We then learned how to respond to blogs and how to respond correctly. To respond we have to start off with a good topic sentence. An example topic sentence is Mr. Fisch- I really am intrigued by your idea of publishing writing constantly and continually; I am going to challenge myself to write online more frequent so that I can become a better writer. We then say how the post connects to us, education and the world. then you ask questions that you have and after that we will sum it up with a concluding sentence. So now on Tuesday's when we have a free choice for PLN you will have to cross post. That means you will post it to your own blog and then respond to the author. You don’t want to link the post when you respond. When you do post you are going to want to prof read refer to them as Mr. ___________. To respond after you read go to comments and reply there. We later looked at google maps and if we want to use google maps instead of google earth you can. We then listened to music and looked at pictures. For homework tonight we have PLN 10, Google earth 5, read chapter 5 and remember that our re-dos for our essays are due this Friday. You must go in for help on that to get points back. Either go into writing lab our talk with Mrs. Smith. The annotation re-dos are due by next Tuesday. You can only redo one story for points. Let’s have a great rest of the week boys!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/23/11 Scribe

Today in Smiths class we checked out Into The Wild books for anyone who needs one. Also homework over the weekend is PLN 9 and read chapters 1-3 in Into The Wild. We then turned in our picture with quote from Higher Laws. Also learned how to edit pinpoints on Google Earth. To finish the day we had PLN presentations and then free work time.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


    Today we learned about a large amount of how to connect multiple things at once and we determined our G-Force team, Austin, Scott, Lou, Alex E, and Smith. Go to our G-Force team if anyone needs help on GE then you can go to these people and they will help you. The first thing we did in class was we listened to smith read us a piece titled, “Walden” by Thoreau and told us to think about connections to it while she was reading it to us. After she finished reading we read it and highlighted and made even more connections. Next, we listened to two songs by the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, “Sitting Forth,” and, ”No Ceiling.” While listening to the songs and Eddie’s moans and groans and had to highlite and underline a small section or so that connected to to build a fire. Such as, on stanza  two in “Setting Forth” he says
Now i recall
Everytime i fall
Which may mean that he could connect that to every time our main character in, To Build a Fire falls through the ice and has to warm himself up, tht he will always remember every time he falls through the ice.Homework is as follows:
    Paper redos-Read chapter 1-3, Picture with quote from Higher Laws

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scribe 9/21/11

Today during smiths wacky class we discussed about redoing our essay. If you want to redo your essay you must bring your essay into writing lab or go into the language arts office and get a signature by a teacher. Connect your old short story to the knew one. The new essay is do next Friday! Our homework is to redo any Pln or writing assignments that are incomplete and turn them in before Friday! Post your to build a fire paragraph. Also today Smith looked like a Goober today and made me giggle on the inside. GE means Google Earth. We need to do Google Earth 1-3. Many people had problems finding google earth. To get to google earth on a triple E click on other apps on the homepage and then double click on google earth. If your google earth picture doesn’t show up you must log in to the Internet. We are going to create a journey of our learning throughout the book In To the Wild. We must promise to save our google earth profile every night. Write every writing piece in google docs. You need to get a jump drive in case you don’t own one. You can download google earth to your home computer for free. Here’s how you create a google earth folder. 1st left click my places, then right click on your left click. Then add a folder. Title the folder your first name and last names first initial. Every place mark you make is google earth 1,2,3 etc. First find the place you want by searching it in the search bar. The first google place mark is a place that matters to you the most. click on the push pen to place a mark. Copy and paste your what matters essay to your google earth and title it GE1: what matters to me. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! To save drag your GE1 and drop it in to your folder. Then right click your folder and save it to your thumb drive. For your Ge2 put your To build a fire paragraph in your google earth folder. Here is the walk through to save on your thumb drive. First go to your folder right click and save place and save it to the desktop. Then copy the document and paste it in your thumb drive.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

scribe for september 9th

final paper due monday
double spaced
typed and revised
good title
indent paragraphs
no printing in class
also print rubric (short story essay rubric)
whole paper worth one hundred points
what we did

pln presentations
comment on
chase pln3
tyler randolfs pln2
alex morris pln2
alex bregs pln6
Elis pln5
Austins pln6
Jimmys pln2
edited conclusion for paper

Scribe 9/20/2011

Today in Smith’s class she first talked about how some people need to do their redo’s on there short story.Our home work today was read to build a fire and annotate it and PLN 8 due Wednesday.  Miss Smith  showed us a good example of a PLN 7 by Lou and Will. Lou’s writing has hyperlinks and he connected two stories together also he used the vocab word. He had a good topic sentence. Then our class read Will’s PLN which they both got  10/10 on. WIll had connected a lot of the information to himself and the world. Smith was saying, by reading there PLN’s we can learn from them. Lou and will both proofread their work. Next our class moved our desks in a circle so we can annotate “To Build A Fire” We talked about the story more and how the person in the story has connections to Alaska. Our class thought that the coldness of the story can be a motif. The dog and the man shows words and actions affect each other. We annotated all the important parts of of the story and we made connections. After that, Smith told us to finish the story and annotate for everyone who didn’t annotate then the bell rang.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scribe for 9-15-11

          Today in the most amazing class in the world, we crammed our head with more information than we did yesterday! We learned how to comment and revises our peers work and not only that but our own work. Some of the many things that we learned today consist of the proper parts of a conclusion statement, as followed:
    • Restate thesis
    • Review points
    • End with a satisfying point

After we had been told how to revise someones writing the proper way we did musical revivsing where we walked around the desks then when the music stopped we found a random computer. We got some hardcore revising done.
Our homework for tonight is to finish our Conclusion for our paragraph we have been revising in class, any Redos that you may have to do and annotate the short stories.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scribe 9/14/2011

  • We checked Intro Paragraphs
  • Started our Body Paragraph
  • -Topic Sentence
  • -Lead-in, “Quote” (Hitchcock’s rope)
  • -Explain the quote you used as your lead-in (What does it mean? How does it connect to our paragraph and thesis statement.)
  • -Transition to next example
  • -Set-up Second example
  • -Lead-in, “Quote”. (Connell)
  • -Explain the quote you used as your lead-in (What does it mean? How does it connect to our paragraph and thesis statement.)
  • -Concluding Sentence

Tonight we have to write Body Paragraph and that is due Thursday.