Monday, February 27, 2012

Scribe 2-27-12

     Today in Smith’s English 9 class, we started off with grammar, during that we learn about infinitives, (to eat, to leave, to jump) and correlative conjunctions with always have two in one sentence (this week is; both/and) After grammar was over we moved on to the song/poem packet and read the poem, To a Daughter Leaving Home, with had main points of the child leaving and the parent not wanting it to happen. This connected very well with our current reading in CIDNT, when Chris left home to live with his mom. After the poem, we talked about the weekend’s reading, ch. 167-181 and the conflicts that arose during it. Later we split up into groups of relationship trace and reading Our homework is finish reading chapters, 191-197, work on relationship trace, action plan completion and redo paper, (you need a conference first)!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Scribe 2/24/12

Today in smiths all boys class we turned in our homework and then took our weekly grammar quiz. Also remember tonight's homework is to read chapters 167-181 and annotate, and work on relationship chart. Also if you are going to redo your change the world essay you must see Smith or go into writing lab before turning it in. Also action plan is due the Friday before spring break. Finally at the end of class Smith gave us some time to either work on relationship chart or read. If you forgot the relationship chart website is here. If you forgot the character list look through Smiths slides here.    

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

scribe Wed 22, 2012

Today in Smith all boys class we started off the day with some grammar. The homework for today is your action plan, read in your book pages 151-163 and to sign up for a meeting with smith if you are going to re-do your change the world easy. Also do not forget to annotate in the book and work on the relation ship traits in the book the csap packet is due Friday. For the last half of the class we read in are book as a class.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scribe 2-21-12

In todays Smith’s all boys class, Smith was not here because she was visiting her Grandma in Arizona. As a class we started off with doing our grammar for Monday. We went over the parts of speech. We then got our CSAP packet for this week. We then went over the reading for our homework on chapters 61 through 83. We asked questions from our annotations on last nights reading to each other. Then as a group we answered the questions. 

Our homework for tonight is to: 

  • Read chapters 89-107
  • Do our CSAP packet. 
  • Redo your "Change the World" essay (you have to meet with Smith before redoing).
  • Action plan completed by spring break.
Have a great rest of the week and get all of your homework done.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scribe 2-15-2012 Isaiah R

Today Wednesday 15, 2012 We have a grammer quiz. We finished are Daily sentence. Then we read a poem from the song packet (The Lanyard by Billy Collins). We discused about the poem and what the meaning of this poem that he wrote is about. The class read the book starting on page 13 to 15. We have a grammer quiz tomorrow.

Your homework is:
  • Study for the Grammar Quiz.
  • CSAP Packet.
  • Then read the book pages from 23-29.
  • Annotate and ask questions, make connections, and the character change.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Scribe 02-13-12

Today in Smith’s English 9 class, we got a new seating chart and then finished up Jack, Isaiah, Caleb and Joey’s presentations. All of them did a nice job by the way. After that we got our grammar faces on and showed how grammar is really done. After that, for those in need, Smith passed out our new books, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” and time still isn’t up to pick up your own copy! Once those were passed out we discussed the syndrome background articles that should have been completed already. Once the heated discussion came to a halt we were given work time to do our homework. (What’s the homework Dan?) Our homework is to write a one paragraph essay on a relationship in your family that is difficult. Write about your side and the opposing side. Why is that relationship so difficult? What steps can you take to make it better? This will later intervene with our new readings. Our other homework is to get that action plan done and to complete the CSAP packet (handed out today) about America the Beautiful.

Friday, February 10, 2012

scribe 2-10-12

Today in Smith's all dudes class we took the weekly purple test and turned in the weekly packet.
After that us guys got more of the presentations on what we will do to Change The World done. They are not completely finished so the class will have to finish them up on monday.
Remember to get the book that we will be reading if you want to take notes in it and not use stickies.
Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scribe 2-10-12

In Smiths class on this winter wonderland of a February 10th we watched the classes action plan presentations. They were Oscar worthy performances. Our homework was to get any redos done by Friday because it is the end of the six weeks. Make sure to get your 1-1 confrences if you don’t have them already. Finish your CSAP packet. MOST IMPORTANTLY GET YOUR PAPER IN ON FRIDAY!!!!!!! You have to print off your rubric for your paper, your actual paper (DOUBLE SPACED) and attach your work cited to the back of your paper.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scribe 02-08-12

The Second Diagram Wouldn't Insert so Here's the Second Diagram

Scribe 02-08-12

Today in Smith’s English 9 we started off with grammar and in order to have maximum time to present our action plans tomorrow we did Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's grammar. (The diagram is below). Both sentences have one independent clause, making them simple sentences. Remember action plan presentations are due tomorrow. Also, because of over achievement, Tyler presented his action plan today. Smith said he did a good job because he had little to no text, he had pictures that corresponds to the presentation and he use pictures and video to help. So now the whole presentation order will jump one spot.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scribe 2/7/12

After a wonderful greeting, “Hello Smith!” we were off to the races with working on GRAMMAR! We looked at sentence parts and phrases. After, we worked on our Change the World projects whether if it was are essays or our action plans. Smith gave us the opportunity to take initiative and work or slack off... (do not slack off) You all remember what happened to the last kid to slack off, because I do not know (inside joke). Here is the order of our action plan presentations:
  1. Tyler
  2. Lou
  3. Jimmy
  4. Scotty
  5. Dan
  6. Chase
  7. Alex B
  8. Will B
  9. Jake
  10. Will M
  11. Austin
  12. Monty
  13. Alec
  14. Adam
  15. Johnathan
  16. Alex M
  17. Jack
  18. Isaiah
  19. Caleb
  20. Joey

  • Essay
  • Action Plan
  • CSAP Packet
  • Revise Essay
  • 1-1 Conferences

Warning: DO NOT DITCH CLASS (Smith will find you)

Scribe 2-6-12

Hello to all of Smiths class. Since the humongous blizzard today was just a jam packed day of learning and excitement. We started by going over our homework. Our awesome teacher moved the due date for our action plan presentation back to Thursday due to confusion and misunderstanding. Our next endeavour was our week five grammar test, don’t worry we asked for a extra credit so please don’t ask again. Next the all boy class we learned our new sentences for grammar week six. We finished the Monday portion of this activity. Lastly we did some last peer editing on the citations of our paper.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scribe 2-2-12

In Smith’s 2nd hour all boys class on this wonderful February 2nd we worked on peer editing each others 3rd body paragraph and our DOL (Daily Oral Language). We did some mad diagramming and punctuation. We also have to work on our conclusion. We learned about how to do our action plan (what are we going to do about our topic). Our homework is revise all body paragraphs, type your conclusion, print our work cited and CSAP packet.