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Scribe 8/30/11

Scribe 8/30/11

            Today in our amazing all boys’ English we had an eventful class. Our task was to watch the movie Rope and look for all the literary devices used in this old movie. Some of the things we were looking for were irony, theme, suspense, foreshadowing, characterization, and conflict. The movie Rope is about two men who murdered their acquaintance using nothing other than rope. Then these risky men decide to have a dinner party for the man they killed because they love the thrill of having to hide a murdered man. Some of the literary devices we saw today were irony in that a woman says that her horoscope predicted a great day but really her boyfriend was murdered by the men she is eating with. This example of irony is dramatic because she doesn’t know what actually happened but the spectator’s do. One of the most easily spotted devices was symbolism. I say this because Brandon (the murderer) had rope with him for a while during the dinner party and he used this robe to kill his acquaintance (David). The rope symbolizes the deceitful murder that Brandon had just preformed. This movie also portrayed the characters very well. The director gave hints on who the characters really were and what they were like. One example of this was shown through Philips (murderer) facial expression and tenseness, As the night goes on and as more people started coming to the party he becomes almost paranoid because he is so scared he will get caught.  One of the most daunting devices in this movie is the foreshadowing. David’s aunt tells Philip that his hands will bring him great fame but the spectator knows this could only mean two things; Philip will get caught or they will murder again. This foreshadowing really makes you think because there could be two turnouts from it.   Today in our wonderful class we learned a lot about how literary devices should be used in writing, and if I learned one thing today it is to never eat off of a chest; because you never know if there will be a body in it or not.

Rope Topic Sentence

How do words and actions affect who others become in Alfred Hitchcock's Rope?

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My dog is what keeps me going on some days
This is the symbol of an amazing learning society.

The blood sweat and tears i have shed in this helmet have made me one with it.

What matters to me is family, family matters to me because you only have one. I love my parents and other family members. My dad is my biggest role model because he taught me everything I know now from making smart choices to good manners.
Hockey is important to me hockey is the most important thing in my life next to family. I have a saying for hockey and it’s “hockey is where I live. Life is just a place to spend time between games.” I have been playing hockey for 7 years now and it is my favorite activity.
Friends matter to me friends are very important to me because they are always there for me when I need them. I have friends that are like brothers to me like a kid on my hockey team named Billy Kowalski. He is like my brother and I have many more that are like brothers to me too.
School matters to me because I need it to have a good career I need to have a good education for any well paid career that I have. School is important because without it there would be no learning and then all kids would be basically dumb if it wasn’t for school.

what matters to me

What Matters

School matters to me because I need to know about what has happened from the old times all the way to the present. I need to know about how the world became what it is now. It is very important to know about what we have now that people did not have before, like our rights. The Constitution is something very important to know. Also, school is important because it will teach us better grammar, improved writing and a big one is math, for almost everything in life, sooner or later we use math, you even need it for sports.

Sports matter to me because I have always done some kind of sport that makes me run or dive. Soccer and basketball are my favorite, because I like running as fast as I can and looking for someone open and passing it right to their feet or chest. To me sports are a big part of my life because it keeps me active. I am one of the three kids on my dad’s side of the family that does a sport. I play soccer and basketball. My cousin is at Oregon State University and he is a kayaker. My brother is a basketball player at The College of Monterrey in Mexico and my Dad was a QB for the Washington Huskies a while ago. On my Mom’s side of the family I have cousins who play football, baseball, basketball, soccer and wrestling.

Family matters to me because they help me in life. For example, they give me what I need as far as food, clothes and other things. They are always there for me when I struggle in school or in any other situation. My sister Kacie provides lots of fun fighting time. My brother Cory helps me be a better athlete. My mom helps me understand stuff and makes me do things I don’t want to but should.

PLN #2

this matters to me because this is when I met Matt Duchene after one of my games

What matters? Everyone has something that matters to them, some have more than others but these are the things that I found matter to me.

Hockey matters to me. All my life i have been surrounded by hockey. My dad and all his brothers have played since they there young kids and have brought me up through the game. After countless hours at the rink and on the ice it has become an obsession for me. I cant go a week without lacing up the skates getting a good session in. There is no other feeling like when you get a good shot off and you feel the puck slide across your blade then watch it fly through the air for a split second as it floats over the goalies right shoulder in between his glove and his head and hits the cross bar and heads down while towards the ice. The sound of the glorious ding and the crowds cheering fill the rink and you cant even hear them. After a quick celebration its strait back out on the ice for another shift. As you get the puck at center ice and you see only one bender ahead of skating backwards and you know exactly how you are going to humiliate him in front of everyone. You hold your stick out to the side of you body and wait for him to take the bate and of course he does, you then slide the puck in between the small opening in his skates and dance around him with ease while avoiding the hit as you processed to go down on the goalie and make slide out of the net with a witty fake and light push the puck into the net.

School Matters to me. You can tell most people including me don't like school, at all. But no matter how much you don't like it you have to go and you can choose whether or not to do good. I know that my future starts now, if i do good in school i have endless possibilities and a promising future but if I don't do good, well it wont look so good for me. Starting this year I am going to try as hard as i can at school.

Family matters to me. As much as you might dislike your parents or siblings you love them, no matter what your family is always there and nothing compares to family. Things can get rough but you have to spend the next four or five years of your life with them everyday so it'd be better if you keep it on speaking terms with everyone. Family really matters to me I know i really matter to them and i plan on keeping that way.

This matters to me  because this goal won the game
this matters to me because that goal won the steamboat tournament
this matters to me because me because this us celebrating a goal 

this matters because i am shaking Joe Sakic hand

pln 2

My friends and family are a very large part of what matters to me, but I also think it is important to get out side. God has also helped me out a lot.
Friends are important because they always seem to be uplifting. Even when you think it is impossible to be cheerful a good friend can always make you laugh. Friends can turn an incredibly awful task into actual enjoyment. Friends always have your back which is also very important because every now and then you need some one to trust.
Thow my family has their conflicts just like any other family, I am almost certain, but still I can trust my family with almost anything. This is important to me because it almost lightens the load on me. If I need help on school my family is always there. There always to help.
The third and most important person in my life is God. He has always helped me when I need. He has also introduced great to me. He is the reason why I am who I am today.
To sum it up my family, friends, and God matter to me the most because they are always there.


Religion matters to me. God has helped me get through many things and life and I absolutely love him for that. Also praying to the Lord helps me get through the day and helps me make good decisions.  Although I don’t wear a cross I have one embedded in my heart. Whether it’s playing sports or taking a test or even going to bed I know he is with me. Without Jesus I would be lost and I am trying to stay on the path of righteousness and become a better and a more religious man as I grow.

Family matters. Although I fight with my sister or my mom sometimes, I still love them through think and think. My dad has helped me improve in athletics, and has really inspired me to be a hard worker. For my mother she has given me the spark to be more outgoing and crazy. I love my family I can’t imagine a life without them. Finally my three sisters (Natalie 10, Megan 25, and Jess 27,) have helped me earn a characteristic I believe I have which is respectful. Even though I like to mess around, I still have respect for someone I just met or a long time friend.

My friends matter to me. The friends I’ve made here at this high school have already helped out a lot. They respect me for who I am and treat me like a regular human being. They all help me get around the school in case I forget where a class is I know their there to help. Finally I love hanging out with my friends because I always have fun with them and quite frankly they make me a happier person.

My teachers and coaches matter to me. I have progressed so far already from sixth to ninth grade in my skill work for writing, math, and social studies. With the struggle in seventh grade my eighth grade teachers were such a great blessing and helped learned many skills. My basketball coaches have helped me learned many skills and have made me stronger and quicker. I have learned that in order to succeed in this world you must work hard and you can’t be a quitter I’ve learned this lesson from both my teachers and coaches. Even when times are rough you just got to push through in order to get to the good times in life. Life is just a long waiting line and you can either get out and be a quitter or you can stay in it and be able to have a great time once you get on that ride.

Finally I like to be there for my friends. This matters to me because I hate it when I see someone upset or angry. I want to be that kid who’s always there to pick someone up when they get knocked down. I also feel bad when I talk behind someones back because I shouldn't judge right away. Instead I should put myself in their shoes because that person might be going through a tough time. I want people to think of me as a kind and caring person, and I take myself accountable if I do something wrong or immoral.

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Lots of things matter to me, but some more than others. Here is what matters to me the most.

One major part of my life that matters to me is hockey. Hockey lets me know the whole team had worked until they couldn’t skate another inch and was rewarded with a victory. With the hard work I put in, I come out feeling stronger and faster after every practice and game.

Along with the sport, my hockey team matters to me. Playing with the same coach and some kids for eight years lets us get to know each other. Even the new kids to the team soon become good friends who we watch out for. Every player on the team is willing to come together on the ice, protect one another, and win. Having a team like that really does matter to me.
Drums make a big impact on my life. Playing or even thinking about drums keeps my mind thinking quickly. Drums are an amazing source for relaxing. While I am jamming to a ‘’Rush’’ song or just soloing for the fun of it, nothing can get to me. Homework or a test can’t bother me at all.

Sleep is extremely important to me. After a long day of working hard or staying up late, nothing is better than relaxing for just a little bit then going to sleep. With enough hard work, it doesn't matter what time it is or where I am, sleep is sleep. That could mean after an early morning hockey game on the car ride home, or at 2 a.m after hanging out with some friends until 12:00 over the summer. It doesn't matter, but sleep does.
My dog makes an enormous impact on my life. Every day after school, my dog Scooter is waiting for me and immediately runs to me. After I pet him for a little while, he likes to go lie down by the couch while I eat. Then I pet him even more while he rests under the couch. Not only do we spend a lot of time together, he also protects me from anyone, even people he knows. Any time someone gets too close, he will growl or step in just to be sure I'm not in any danger.
Of course, school  matters a lot in my life. I study hard and do my homework because I know my future depends on it. If I didn't go to school or didn’t try, my whole life would spiral down and I would lead myself into a very poor and terrible ending.

Like anyone, my friends and family matter to me also. My family supports me no matter what it is, stupid or not, they are there. My friends also help me out with my school work and watch out for me. If a crazy stupid idea pops into my head, they may not stop me, but they at least keep me safe.

With so many important topics in my life, it is good to know which ones really matter the most. All of these activities and people make a very big impact and I hope to stay with them for the rest of my life..
What matters to me

             Striving to be a well rounded person is a important goal of mine. The things that matter to me are the cornerstones of the foundation that i am building to help me reach that goal.

School matters to me, without an education I know that I wont reach my full potential in life. Now school is probably one of the hardest things you will do in life, but its also the most important. You will not find anyone successful that did not get a good education. The kids that say that school isn’t important and that they can do everything they want to do without school, are not going to have a good future and they will have a harder time providing for themselves and their children, when they decide to have them.

Technology matters to me, without technology the world wouldn’t be as great as it is today; Technology makes our lives so much easier, Have you ever personally written a report or looked something up that took less time than it did on a computer? Also Technology just makes life easier in general. Not to mention all of the fun you can have on computers; I am a gamer and I play most of my games on my laptop. I play League of Legends, Guild Wars, Combat arms, and I’m planning on starting to play many more in the future. Technology helps me look up something that i have a question about and also helps me research topics i am interested in.

My family matters to me, they do everything possible for me and they are always pushing me to do better. I love my family and nothing will ever change that. My dad got me to start playing another sport after spending 3 years of my life without taking on a sport. My mom helps me get through scouts and does so much more for me then I credit her for.

Tennis matters to me, It matters because its the first sport that I am actually looking forward to playing. The guys on the Arapahoe tennis team are awesome and always made practice fun in the summer. Also Tennis has been a great stress reliever for me, because when I'm having a stressful day I can just get on a ball machine and smash a few till I'm feeling better.  Also the social network of it has thrown me into many situations that i have had to figure out quickly on my own such as how to communicate better with teammates and opponents.

My friends matter a lot to me, they are a bit weird but they are some of the funniest and nicest people I’ve met. They are never mean to one another so they are good to hangout with when you wanna just get away from all of the drama of high school and life.

Being of service to my community matters to me. Several ways i do that is on weekends i volunteer at a Teen program on Saturday nights through the South Suburban Recreational facilities. I do this because i know that the experience and growth throughout the program will help me become a more responsible person and will help me with problem solving, learning how to approach different situations like interpersonal conflicts between attendees and my supervisory staff. Another thing i do is teach cotillion to grades 6-8 at the J.D.W program at Columbine Country Club. I do this because i like to dance and since I’ve taken cotillion since 4th grade it is easy for me to teach students all of the etiquette and social skills i have learned over the years.

Those things and many more are what matter in my life, without those things my life would be dull like a movie made by Van Sant.

PLN 2 What Matters to Me

What Matters to Me
In my life, there are certain people, activities, and beliefs that are very important to me. Specifically, the things are very close to me; I couldn’t live without them.
The first thing that matters to me is my extended family. While I don’t see them that much, when I do, it is one of my favorite things ever. I love to go to my cousin’s lake house with my family and just spend time with my family on an amazing lake. At this lake, I have learned many skills, but more importantly, I have learned so many amazing lessons. One of these lessons is being able to take advantage of the time you have with the people you love. I learned this because my grandma died when I was in second grade. I did not no her well because I was pretty young at the time. I wish I had talked to her more because she was a really neat person. I still miss her.

Sports matter to me because they really help me in so many ways. Sports help me prepare better for school, help me stay strong and healthy, and supply me with tons of competition. This may sound weird, but I love being able to compete and win in all sorts of things. I am very serious when it comes to sports and will always give 110 percent. Sports keep me engaged in school because if I don’t get my homework done, I will not be able to go to practice. By the way, I haven’t missed a practice in over two years. Participating in sports is a privilege and I take the opportunity very seriously.

My dog matters to me. Ask anyone and they will tell you that my dog is crazy. Even though he is crazy, he brings joy to my life. Chief is a mixed breed, half Boston Terrier and half Beagle. He’s still a crazy puppy, but I love him unconditionally. He is very affectionate, jumpy puppy, but for the most part, everyone likes him.

My faith matters to me. My family goes to church every Sunday. It is a great way to wrap up the week and start with a clean state. My church is very teen-oriented and it is really cool to be able to interact with kids your age who believe in the same thing. Our priest is a great leader and speaker and is very easy to follow. He relates his weekly homilies to everyday life and really helps us become more mature and better young adults.

My sisters matter to me. Over the last couple years, my sisters and I have become much closer. We can talk about anything and we try to help each other out by sharing experiences and advice. It is really different now that Ally, my older sister, is now in college. It’s just me and Lindsay at home. We really miss Ally. Though this is very tough, I now that it is a step in the right direction for Ally and the whole family.

Education matters to me. I sometimes take my education for granted. I know this is wrong, but I am actually very grateful for my opportunity at education. Young people are the key to the future and the key to young people is education. I believe every person has the right to a free education and the chance for a better future. America is built on this belief.

My parents matter to me. My parents are amazing people. They know just when you need a hug, a lecture, and a laugh. My parents have taught me so many valuable life lessons. I don’t know how I could ever begin to repay them. My dad has taught me how to be a real man. This involves being respectful, courteous, and generous, According to my dad, it’s important to always be a gentleman because that’s what people expect from you. My mom has taught me how to love unconditionally and how to forgive. My mom is one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet. She is always open to talk to, to lean on, and most importantly, she is always willing to listen. My mom will listen to you talk about your problems without chiming in to provide a solution -- unless I ask for one. Like my mom, my dad will always be there for me through thick and thin. He will stay strong for you when really he is the one that needs someone to lean on. My father gives and gives and gives and in never once does he ask for anything in return. My parents are amazing people and deserve an award of some sort. They are there for you through it all and will never give up on us or each other.

All of these things matter to me because without them, I would be such a different person. These things make my life better and easier. Without them, I would have an empty void in my soul.

PLN #2

Mountain Biking matters to me because it’s a thrill and an adrenaline rush! I started mountain biking when I was 7 and have loved it ever since. Through all the years of crashing I have learned one thing. Always out do yourself. You can’t get better if you aren’t trying, but with that comes injuries. Although I have not broken any bones, I have had forearms full of raspberries. Not many of my friends mountain bike so I’m mostly alone when I bike. This past Christmas I got my first dual suspension bike, a Specialized Demo 7. I love it and I take care of it like my child, and have been rippin it down trials all summer long.

Skiing matters to me because it never gets boring and you never stop improving. When you hit a stash of powder you feel like you are floating across the ground. That is what I look forward to every winter. I mostly ski Winter Park in Colorado, but others resorts that fit my fancy are Aspen Snowmass, and Vail. The thing about all these mountains is that they all have excellent back country skiing areas. I tried out for the Winter Park Junior Ski Patrol and made it, but the extensive training that follows is too much work for a freshman in high school. I met many people that were as good and or even better than me; I still kind of wish that I ‘d done the training so I could get tips for skiing and make news friends on the slopes.

Family matters to me because they will always be there for me, through the good times and even the bad times. My family guides me in my development as a young adult. I can always count on my brothers and my parents for advice. Because chances are that they have been through the same problems I have. My brothers bully and taunt me, just out of fun and to piss me off. But I can count on them to watch my back through high school. My Parents occasionally yell at me, but only to correct the mistakes that I have made and they do this so that I mature enough so that I can make the right choices when I'm in college and on my own.

God matters to me because he created me and all the things that matter to me. Without him none of us would be here. My religion plays a big role in my life. I have learned to love others as God has loved me. I go to a youth group every night not to socialize, but to enrich my life with the scripture from the bible. I learn from my mistakes but my mistakes get me closer to him because I know I will never be perfect.

Lacrosse matters to me because it is my favorite sport and I am dedicated to getting better and better. I have played since 3rd grade and have had a great time through games and though practices. I can’ Wait for Arapahoe lacrosse to start up so I can improve even more.


What Matters To Me

Family matters to me. My mom is great she cooks, cleans and, helps me out when ever I need help. My dad is really cool he is also a good cook and he likes and supports any thing I like and he always sticks up for me. My little brother(Henry) is really funny and hes a good little brother even if he is a pain sometimes. My pets are the best to my dog charlie is the nicest dog ever and my cat is the coolest cat. With out my family I don't know where I would be today. All together they are the best family I could ask for.

Friends matter to me. Friends are the second best thing to me after family. Friends keep me busy and help me live my live. I have so many great friends that I cant name them all and each one has there own great personality and there all fun to hang out with. I know high school will just help out with making new one and being better friends with the one I already have.

Music matters to me. Although I don't play an instrument I love music it is another thing that helps me get threw life. It calms me down and makes me relaxed and happy. There is not much more I can say about it it is just a good thing in life.

Sports matters to me. I love all sports and they are all fun to play. They are another thing that keep me busy and they are all great exercise. I have met so many new people with sports specifically football and there just something to do and they all have great competition.

Cars matter to me. I love cars they are the best things in the world. There are so many different kinds and they are all cool except minivans. They are all unique and interesting. I cant wait to drive and get my own car. I love Muscle cars, Mustangs/Fords, Dodges, Plymouth's, and Pagani’s. The car I hope the most to drive is my dads Ford 1970 Torino. I think it would be cool to be a rally driver. They are truly one of the best things invented.
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When I heard about the topic for this PLN I was excited because there are so many things that matter to me that I would have fun writing about. My Family is on the top of the list for things that matter to me. Family matters to me so much because they are always there for you and will never desert you like some friends do.

My mom matters to me because she has raised me to do my best and be a caring person to everything around me. My mom does a program at the Dumb Friends League called fostering where our family takes in animals that aren't ready for adoption and we prepare them to live with a family. Ever since I can remember there have always been animals in our home. She has taught me to love all animals and turned me into the person I am today. My mom and I are very much alike with our blond hair. We also have pretty much the same personality impatient and obnoxious. I remember when our family would go camping and roast marsh mellows she would always burn hers because she couldn't wait for them to be done properly.  My mom grew up in Lompoc, California and has told me stories of her high school career which really helps me make good decisions at Arapahoe every day.

My Grandma matters to me because before I was old enough to go to school my parents worked all day and I would stay with my grandma. As a child she would always do what I wanted to do whether it be play baseball or make believe she has always been a good sport. Up to this day when she watches me in the summer while my parents are at work I have even forced her to play Call of Duty with me. She is a second mother to me and has always been there for my when I was sick. My grandma has many sayings that she has repeatedly told me over the years but I think the one I have heard more that any other is “Everything in moderation.” My grandma also matters to me because no matter what happens we will always have a strong bond.

My Dad matters to me because he is always telling me about how important today is in order to have a good future. Even though I always get the same lecture but I also realize that he is trying to help me. He also is like a friend to me because he acts so immature and stupid sometimes but it is all in good fun. One night before I knew how to swim I was diving into a pool with floaters. When the tubes came out from under my arms I sunk to the bottom of the pool, there were so many people splashing at the top no one knew I was down there. My dad spotted me and jumped in the pool with all of his clothes on to save my life. I realize now that his children mean more than the world to him and he would do anything to keep me and my siblings from harm. My dad and I have our ups and downs but he is always going to be there for me whenever I need help.

My Brothers (Matt and Greg) matter to me because they are always fun to be around. As a little kid they would torment me but as a teenager myself I can see how fun it would be to do the kind of things they did to me. Both Matt and Greg are off to college now and to be honest I miss them. If a younger version of me heard that I wouldn’t have to live with Matt and Greg forever he would be so excited for  the day they left but I have been relatively sad about there departure.

My Sister Andie matters to me because she is a older female version of me. We both have light skin, blue eyes, and light hair. She is really fun to joke around with because she will always acted shocked and the things I say and give me a slap on the arm for it but its all fun. She will play video games with me and always talk trash before our competitions. She is a great person and I am lucky to have her as a sister.

Although your stuck with your family forever and sometimes they can be a major pain they are the most important thing in my life hands down. Family is the one thing that will always be there and I’m glad to have the one God has blessed me with.





Trenton Nohr Pln 2

Trenton Nohr

Pln 2

What matters to Trent can be described in the following...

My Family matters to me... I’ve always loved the family I’ve had and have never asked for anyone one different than the people that are already in my family.

My Dad matters to me... My Dad is a great hard working father. He takes care of me and my little brother alone. It sometimes gets hard for him to take care of us both but it is getting easier for him because I’m getting older and am helping keep my little brother in line.

My Nana matters to me... My Nana is always there for me whenever I need her, or ask for her help. Shes always sympathetic, kind and caring. Whenever I ask for like twenty dollars for a movie or a date or something she wont give me twenty... she’ll give me fifty which is way above and beyond what any Nana or grandma would do making her the best Nana ever.

My little brother Jasper matters to me... He is the most annoying meanist thing ever but without him I have no idea how I would survive. Yeah hes lived with his mom for a while but I always missed him (which is kinda weird because I can never wait to get away from him.) He looks up to me a lot but also looks down on me a lot like I’m the little brother. I never knew why he was so stubborn and hard headed but it doesn’t really matter because hes my little bra and bras stick together.

Mathew matters to me... Mathew is my “little” Uncle. Mathew is only nine years old and hes one of the coolest nine year old I’ve ever met. Hes such a vidiout (which here means he plays alot of video games) and is always looking for a challenge and can beat anyone in just about any game.

My aunt Trinity matters she is so annoying and whiney but I lover her to death and she will stand for any one. She has a strong heart and is always outgoing and I know here childhood will stay with her for life.

these are only a few of my family members but all the rest matter to me as much as the others do.

Martial Arts matters to me... it is a wonderful sport and hope to keep it with me forever.

My Martial Arts class matters to me. Sean, Logan, Isais, and Catrina are only a few of the people in my class and they all matter to me. With out them or anyone else our Dojo would never be the same.

My Sensai’s matter to me there a big part of the Dojo of course. They are the ones that teach us this beautiful ancient art of self defense.
My School matters to me. I love that I have the great offer to learn in a more wealthy community. I am also very glad that I have the offer to grow up with an education.

My friends matter to me. There a big pat of my life and without them I would have no idea where I would be without there support.

I have many things that matter to me but these are just a few, and some of the most important.

What Matters to me?

What’s most important to you? After reading, “What Matters to Me” (Couldn’t find link) there are many things that matter to me!. Not only do I love certain people but I also love certain things! Music, Friends (Including my girlfriend), riding my bike and staying healthy!
For my opening statement, Music maters a great deal to me! Not only do I believe that music is one of the biggest ways to relax, but I believe It’s also one of the most massive ways to get hyped up! Music can help people do better In sports If they have their favorite music going, as I’ve observed lately. I don't know if this Is true but for me I run faster and do everything 10 fold harder with my favorite song playing. Another great thing about music Is when I'm very mad about something I can play rainy mood, (synthetic rain app for android) and my favorite dub-step song and It calms me down very fast. It also gives me Goosebumps from It sounding so godly to me.

            Also, Friends matter a great amount to me, especially my girlfriend. Friends are the kind of people I can go to after a very boring day and school and can make me laugh my butt of until the point where I pee my pants! They also can help cheer me up if I really need it. My girlfriend Is probably one of my best friends too, because I can tell her virtually anything and trust her unlike my friends that find It funny to act like they are going to tell someone my secrets.

            Next, Riding my bike Is a humongous activity for me not only do I love having a more first person view of the road but I love having the wind being In my face and being free unlike In a car and being entrapped In a moving metal box and breathing stale air. I can also ride my bike anywhere which is what I have to do because my parents are always working and I have no transportation so I ride my bike! I do go on actual biking trips sometimes. There is a route that's 27+ miles called Taste of the Palisades and you get to tour all of the wineries In Palisade, CO. It’s just past Glenwood Springs, CO.

            Finally, staying healthy matters to me a bunch! Staying healthy can mean a lot of things but I think it’s keeping a well-balanced diet when I can. I don’t mean eating semi healthy things I mean that I really strive to keep my diet balanced by having yogurt or a fruit with my meal and keeping the sugary fatty foods down. This works out well for my school schedule and life schedule because I can’t eat fatty sugary foods then do long marathons of activities. I have swimming right after lunch and if I eat too much fatty foods with sugar I will perform not as good as I can by eating healthier food.
After all, the article, “What Matters to Me” made many things that matter to me stand out. Many of the things that became clear that stood out to me where Music, Friends, Riding my Bike, and Staying healthy. These are truly the most important things to me that help me get through life one step at a time! What helps you get through life?
By Alex Bragg