Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scribe for January 30

We worked on the parts of speech on the sentence. We also worked in class.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Scribe 1-27-12

In Smith’s all dudes class we had an awesome sub names Mr. Rosenberg. Today we collected DOL 7. At the same time we turned in CSAP W.S. Words to Live By. After that the class did the grammar test because it is Friday.
HW: Work on outline to 3rd body paragraph. Revise Intro, 1st ,and second body paragraphs. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today in Smith’s Fantastic All Boys Class (except for Smith of course), the homework is to work on the body of paragraph 3, revise the body of paragraph 2, and 1, and the intro. We worked on the Thursday and Friday part of our grammar packet.  The grammar test is tomorrow. Reminder: we have a sub tomorrow,  Also, if you have scheduled meetings with Smith for tomorrow, you need to reschedule.  You need to have at least three meetings with Smith before the essay is due.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scribe January 25, 2012

Today for the most most part we just worked on our position paper but we did do the routine grammar sentence work with determining sentence type and clauses. We also went over the Csap packet (remember to read the questions before reading the piece and on questions 30 and 32 restate the question).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scribe 1/24/12

Today in our wonderful all-bros English class the amazing Smith taught us all the wonders of GRAMMAR! for our Tuesday section of the packet we analyzed the sentences, “can you come over and watch the movie casablanca after school” and “the chemistry club visited boulder university colorado for an experiment” and sought out the sentence parts and phrases. Smith says, “you can always rephrase a sentence into a question to find the verb.” can you come over? “who comes over?” (YOU)  To find the direct object or the predicate nominative, in this case we are looking for the DO. (remember,”subject, verb what?”) Then Smith gave us the rest of class to work on our papers and CSAP packet.
What we worked on in class:
  1. copy out-line into new doc
  2. sign up for 1-1 conference
  3. revise intro
  4. write second body
  5. work on CSAP
  6. review grammar

HW: revisions, CSAP packet, second body paragraph, 1-1 conference

Monday, January 23, 2012

Scribe 1/23/12

Smiths fantastic English class was jam packed with activities and learning opportunities. The first fun and exciting learning we did was our grammar. We received two new sentences and started editing them by finding each and every words part of speech. This information is found in your Monday section of the grammar packet that we were given. Next we took place in a fun game of musical chairs editing. We edited out peers intro paragraph and their first body paragraph. You can find exactly what we edited on our class calender. Finally our class outlined our second body paragraph. This body paragraph is the same outline as our first body paragraph but the main point is about the belief you have. This Monday was jammed packed with learning so make sure that you make it up quickly if you missed.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan 19, 20012

Today in Smith’s wonderfull class the homework is the csap packet, grammar
worksheet, first body paragraph and intro paragraph. The csap packet is due tomorrow and
grammar worksheet. And make sure to get three conferences in for your paragraph each
conference is worth 10 points. We also worked on are grammar work sheet in class. Today we
did the Thursday and Friday part of the packet. Tomorrow we have a grammar test. For the last
half of the class we worked on are csap packet or any other homework you have due. if you
haven't done your work sited page or alphabetised it you need to get that done. In the csap
packet the last question is to right a paragraph. The topic sentence needs to have title, author,
question and, answer why?

scribe 1/19/12

Today in Smith wonder full class the homework is the csap packet, grammar worksheet, first body paragraph and intro paragraph. The csap packet is due tomorrow and grammar worksheet. And make sure to get three conferences in for your paragraph each conference is worth 10 points. We also worked on are grammar work sheet in class. today we did the Thursday part of the packet and Friday. Tomorrow we have a grammar test.For the last half of the class we worked on are csap packet or any other homework you have due. if you haven't done your work sited page or alphabetised it you need to get that done. In the csap packet the last question is to right a paragraph. The topic sentence needs to have title, author, question and, answer why?  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

scribe 1-17-12

Today in Smiths all guy class we did Monday and Tuesday days of grammar because we had Monday off. Mrs. Smith showed us pictures of her kids science fair projects and their pictures of the nuggets game. Mrs. Smith then checked our highlighted Thesis statement and helped with any bugs we had. We then had the rest of the time to work on our Intro paragraph or highlighting articles in the correct color. Our Intros are due tomorrow. Make sure you have a good attention getter then have the citation, an explanation on the attention getter, background information, and then your thesis statement. Also you need to have 3 one one one conferences with either Smith or go to writing lab and get the signature.

Friday, January 13, 2012


SCRIBE 1-13-12

HW: write intro paragraph, practice in text citation, use google docs, color code thesis, color code highlighting of articles, correspond colors to thesis points, three 1-1 conferences on paragraph during unscheduled times.

Our awesome all guys class led by Smith turned in the CSAP packet on Einstein and parts of speech sentences that were on the board.

After turning the 2 things in Smith’s class we did the weekly parts of speech test and worked on our thesis statements(write and color code them). While this was happening, Smith went around and checked the CTW assignments.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Today in Smiths class,
we started off the day by getting out the 10 articles we where supposed to already have printed off. Make sure all 10 articles are cited (if not use easy bib).
We then did the Thursday and Friday on the grammar work (refer to packet to know what to do)
Then worked on our thesis statement.
Need a conditional statement
Need to present both sides
Need to answer "why"
Ex: although  

1)conditional statement word
2)present opposing viewpoint
6)reason 1

Ex: Although some people believe professional athletes provide entertainment to society,
            1                                                               2                                                               
professional athletes should not be paid as much because they are not adding anything of value
              3                                       4                             5                                      6
to society and are horrible row models for today's youth.      
   6                                           7

Thesis statement, work cited, 10 articles, web topic, DOL quiz, csap packet

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 Today in Smiths all guys class,
We started the day by getting our grammar quiz back. Then we all got a Csap packet called Einstein's Practical Joke, make sure you read the questions first and find key words. We then did the Wednesday portion of our grammar practice (refer to Grammar packet). We also had to fix an error we made on Tuesday change president from a direct object to a predicate nominative (see packet for reason). After we finished that we got the rest of class to work.

Tomorrow you need to have 10 articles printed off with them cited ( If article does not come with a citation use Easy Bib) 
Csap pocket

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scribe Alex B 1-10-12

In our superb english class we discovered Smith will be sitting one row seats above the nuggets benches. So don't forget to tune in to see Smith cheering on our pro-Nuggets. We then corrected all of our sentences for our Tuesday requirements. Soon after that Smith decided she would prep us for CSAP by showing us our scores and targeting our weaknesses so that we may improve them. For an example we used Lou then she showed us how we have an estimated score and what our score actually was and how she might improve them for us. For the next two or three days Smith will be calling us up individually and helping us through our weaker parts. When we are not having a 1v1 session discussing CSAP with her we have free time to work on and or highlight/read our 10 articles we need by Friday.

Our homework is:
  • Figure out a Definate toopic by  Wed
  • 10 articles ready with key points or summary(minimum 1 sentence)
  • Research the apposing side of your topic.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Scribe Alex Bragg 1-9-12

For this very tiring, dismal Monday we discussed requirements for our 10 pages/resources we need to print, which need the works cited and a good summary-like title. We now have two sentences to correct to become proper one like our test on Friday and one is introducing new content, for use later in time. After we did our monday corrections we "Collaborated" and discussed all of our topics, which are:
  • Childhood Obesity - Monty
  • Alternate Energy - Will
  • Drunk Driving - Caleb
  • Falling Birthrates - Jonathan
  • Electric Cars - Dan 
  • Racism - Scott
  • Genocide -Lou
  • Uneven Distribution of Wealth -Jake
  • Illegal immigration -Alec
  • Terrorism -Joey
  • Texting While Driving -Adam
  • Nasa Funding -Austin
  • Littering - Alex M
  • Preserving Wildlife - Jimmy
  • Air Pollution - Jack
  • Animal Cruelty - Chase
  • Ivory Trade - Tyler
  • Recycling - Alex B
Hopefully with these topics you can choose one of these and then break off and go into depth about one park of one of these. After we learned how to use EasyBib and then Smith demonstrated it for us. We need 10 Articles by Thursday and they need to be properly cited to MLA standards.

Friday, January 6, 2012

1-6-12 Scribe, Chase C

For the majority of the class, we walked through our first grammar quiz and highlighted some of the more important topics in our grammar packet (remember to bring a highlighter now), After that we got our laptops and started working on our CTW essay by finding more research topics on the website we must use. NO USING GOOGLE, ONLY THE WEBSITE THAT WAS GIVEN TO US. We have lots of time to work on it, but remember to go in at least three times to get help on the essay. From this point on, we will also have CSAP practices every Wednesday that will be due on Fridays.

Homework: 10 articles printed by Thursday on your topic (find them here), final essay due February 10th

Thursday, January 5, 2012

1-5-12 Scribe, Chase C.

 In Smith's English 9, we started class on a good note with the possibility of a huge reword based on how we do on our CTW (Change the World) paper. Next, we went to our grammar packet. First off, was dependent and independent clauses. A dependent clause can not stand alone, while an independent clause can. One independent clause = One simple sentence. This is what we need to know, just for now at least. After clauses was punctuation and capitalization. Three lines means it should be a capital and a ^ under a period means that it was added in. Also, remember to check the diagram in the packet.
The second part of class was working on our CSAP practice questions in our packet. We found the important part of each question then circled them to be sure we know what we should be looking for.
In the final minutes of class, we went to a site for new ideas for our CTW paper.

Homework: CSAP packet, MAYBE a grammar quiz, ideas for our CTW paper. 5-10 (most likely 5) really good ones. Book mark at least three pages in the website above.

       S      /    hv V
--------------/--------------                   Remember L for literal and F for figurative when
   /         /        /                         looking at phrases for filling in the web
  /                  /prep                          
  Mod.           noun                   Be sure to put in good topic sentence in                                                              writing question such as number 8 in the packet.

1-4-12 Scribe, Chase C.

All that we did in Smiths class was take our MAPS test. Be sure to go in for anyone who did not finish. No homework, but it would not hurt to look at the grammar packet.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scribe January 3rd, 2012 Alex B.

Today in the first day of the so called, "last year on earth" we reviewed class expectations and our no D policy, and all the other expectations. We also went over our grading and how it will be done including a new 10% of our grade which is Grammar, mostly for the first 9 weeks to prepare for CSAP. As we moved on we are starting a new thing of copying improper sentences every Monday and slowly day by day we will make one change. By Friday the sentence should be proper and in stellar condition. That Friday we will take a test to format a sentence to be formal. Starting with a sentence similar to what we had on Monday. We can use our grammar packet on this test. Later we talked about injustices, and wrote down many of the issues in this world, for our DOL 1 essay. Tomorrow we will be meeting in room C22.