Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scribe March 22

Today we took our quiz over chapters 5 and 6. The extra credit question is what is Peyton Mannings nickname: the answer was the professor. We then turned in our tear art project, and looked over William Butler Yeats poem “The Second Coming”. A very critical and clear poem. We finished our last grammar for the year and were told to study for the final test tomorrow.
  • Read Chapter 7 and annotate
  • Action plan due tomorrow
  • Mixed tape assignment
  • Grammar quiz
  • Grammar Worksheet
Fun day tomorrow classes are shorter because of assemble schedule, the Arapaho indians are coming to our school.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today in Smith's second hour class we were working hard. We started on our grammar sentences for Tuesday. We then had a quiz over the reading on chapters three and four. After that we went over the reading on chapter four and if we had questions we would discus and answer them. We then started reading chapter and what we didn't finish is homework. We also have our action plan due Friday which is worth 50 points. The six weeks is almost done so make sure that your essay is redone. Today is a Tuesday which means today was a writing lab day to get help. Have a good rest of Warrior Week and have a nice spring break!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Scribe 3-19-12

Smith’s class was very eventful and busy as it usually is. First we went over the homework that we were given. Tonight we have to finish our action plan, redo our position paper and read and annotate chapter 4 in The Lord of The Flies. After we went over these expectations we did the Monday section of our grammar packet. This week the two sentences were, if we finish our homework we will be able to go to the movie, and the girl who ran with susan and me won her race yesterday. These two sentences are tough but all the answers are in the packet. Next we read and annotated the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, while reading this poem we looked for literary devices, looked for relationships and connections to Lord of The Flies and Band of Brothers.  After we took our annotated books out we talked about our questions we have about the book and interesting points we saw in the book. This was helpful in clarifying our questions from our reading. Today was very helpful and another great day of learning.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Scribe Isaiahr 2/29/12

Today Wednesday 29, 2012 We had visitors come check how are class went. We did are daily grammer. Listened to Forever Young from our song packet and discussed how Rob Stewart meant by this song. Also we discussed 199-223 and checked annotate. Then we worked in class on are relationship trace chart. Tips on your presintation is minimal info with good discusstion or Good detail with a good simple walk thourgh.

Your homework is:
    • Relationship chart.
    • Read 229 to the end of the book and annotate.
    • Redo position paper.
    • Action plan project completion.
    • Grammer Quiz and grammer pap

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SCRIBE 3-6-12

Today in Smith's class we started with getting our homework: Action Plan Completion due on March 23rd, Redo Position Paper due at the end of the six weeks, Set Up Conference so you can redo your position paper or go into writing lab. We then started on our relationship chart presentations. We talked about how relationships changed over the course of the book. The most abundant relationship mentioned was the relation between Chris and his father over the course of the book.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scribe 3/1/2012

Today in Smiths class we turned in our homework which is the grammar sentences. Homework for the weekend is: Redo position paper due at end of six weeks you must see Smith or go into writing lab, action plan due March 23, finally relationship chart for book is due Monday, Print off rubric here, also share with Smith. Then in class we took our weekly grammar quiz and signed up for speeches next week. We also talked about the ending of the book, and checked out new books. We talked about how relationships change and grow, just like how with Chris and his mom there relationship grew but with his dad it shrunk and grew.Relationships change and grow all throughout the story, like Chris and Mr. Shears there relationship changed. A great question we talked about is: Is trust in a family, love, or friend relationship different kinds of trust’s or is trust just one thing? In the last 15 minutes of class we had work time to work on relationship chart.
The order of presentations are:
  1. Chase C.
  2. Dan M.
  3. Lou S.
  4. Scott A.
  5. Jimmy H.
  6. Will B.
  7. Alex B.
  8. Alec T.
  9. Jake W.
  10. Austin B.
  11. Alex M.
  12. Adam B.
  13. Jack M.
  14. Jonathan K.
  15. Caleb B.
  16. Isaiah R.
  17. Joey S.
  18. Monty F.
  19. Will M.
  20. Tyler R.