Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scribe 10-27-11

Today in Mrs. Smiths English Nine class, We were discussing and reading The Odyssey. We were discussing Odysseus and other characters and we did a group packet discussing what we have read so far.
  • Homework:

  • Facebook Pages:
        Set up basic page.
        Email link.
  • PLN Presentations:
        Alex M.
  • Vocab Card

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Dear Mr . Mcleod,

After i read your "Districts are Still Fearful of Teachers Communicating with Students using Facebook", i really agree with you in that it is human nature for us to not like or be scared of something that is new or different. This matters to me because i am not good at technology at all and now that i am in high school i use computers all the time. So i am always behind and catching up because i don't know how to use the technology. But i am slowly getting batter and i am more familiar with the computers now. This matters to education because not all students have the same equipment that the schools have. Computers are not cheep so teachers have to make Sheree that all the students have a computer or can get one. Because what if the teacher assigns homework on the Internet. I the student doesn't have that he cant do the homework. This matters to the world because the world is getting more modern each day and if we don't teach are students how to use the technology and the tools that the modern world is using. How will we advance in the future. What do you think schools will be like in 10 years. All in all, schools and the world are advancing in technology and we need to teach are students in the future and now how to use it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Scribe 10-24-11

Today in English 9, 2nd Hour, we got a new vocab card (dismal) the PLN 15 was checked, and we watched star wars, while taking notes on epic hero and epics. Then midway though us watching the movie, our beloved projector died. (Unknown-Oct. 24 2011)(R.I.P) After we took a moment of silence, we then began talking about our Odyssey project. If you need the guidelines, go to the webpage and go under the “Odyssey” Our home work is to Redo: PLN's, short story essays, Google Earth projects, short story annotations and the star wars notes will be collected tomorrow, (Tuesday, Oct. 24) ALL REDOS DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4.
News Update: In the Last Seconds of Class, Mr. Ficsh Brought in the Born-Again Projector!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scribe 10-18-11 Tuesday

Today in Mrs. Smiths English Nine class, We are turning in Into The Wild books. We Are turning in GE/GM one threw eight. Then we started doing are in class essay. Take sticky notes out of into the wild.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Scribe 10/17/11

Today in are wonderful all bros English class we went over the outline for the Into the Wild essay we have tomorrow.
Here's a list of all the things your essay must include:

Defend or refute the following question in a well written multi paragraph, thesis driven essay.

In Jon K’s Into the Wild, is Chris McCandless a visionary or a fool? Why or why not?

Use 2 direct quotations from the text to support your answer.

  • Name
  • Class Info
  • Date
  • Title -centered and creative (Not underlined)

  • Attention getter: quote, question, fact-make sure ti cite the sorce
  • Explain attention getter
  • Background info on text (Into the Wild- what it’s about)
  • Thesis: title, author, restate question, answer question, and why

Thesis Example: In Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild, Chris McCandless is a visionary/fool because...
    1. he took a quest to find himself through abandoning his family; living alone in Alaska.
2. he went on a journey to discover himself by letting material possessions go and “living of the land.”
  • Topic Sentence (restatement of out thesis)
  • Set up first point
  • Lead-in quote, “quote” (Krakauer 67)
  • Explain quote- what does the quote mean, how does it connect to topic sentence, and thesis
  • Transition
  • Set up second point
  • Lead-in quote, “quote” (Krakauer 67)
  • Explain quote- what does the quote mean, how does it connect to topic sentence, and thesis
  • Concluding sentence

Concluding sentence example: Clearly by separating himself and living in solitary he accomplished his journey and is a visionary/fool.
  • Restate thesis
  • Review point made
  • End with a satisfying conclusion (tie back to attention getter)
Homework: work on rough draft to prepare us for the essay, and REDO you work! Also finish you vocab card for Friday "malevolent"

P.S. if anyone has a good blender please share what kind it is with me because mine just broke :(
In the book Into The Wild by John Krakauer Chris McCandless most values the simplicity of life and to be one with yourself and nature.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Into the Wild Topic Sentence

Answer the following question in a well written topic sentence: In Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, what does Chris McCandless most value and why?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scribe for 10-11

English 9 week-Tuesday 10/11/11
Today in Smiths English class we finished watching the end of the movie “Into The Wild”. We also had a scored discussion on the end of the book “Into The Wild” by Jon Krakauer.  
HW:Ge 1-8 done by Monday the 17th, redo short story essay, Redo short story annotations, Redo discussion, PLN 14:Post to another blog

Friday, October 7, 2011

Scribe for 10-7

In Smith’s spectacular second hour class we have three pieces of homework.
1.Three questions from chapters 11-18 in Into the Wild.
2.Get prepared for the big graded discussion on Monday.
3.Do PLN 13 “Googley Advice” over the weekend due Monday. (Remember that only on the Tuesday PLN do you write a letter to the author)
On the agenda today we had a splendid vocabulary quiz where we had to know the part of speech, know the definition, and write a sentence using the word. We also listened to PLN presentations from our following classmates. Alex Morris who did his PLN 10 about Karl Fisch’s “Just Write Poorly, In Public, Everyday” I personally think Alex did a fantastic job! Isaiah did his “What Matters” which was also good but didn’t end with a question. Jack Marion also did his “What Matters” and ended with a great question. Scotty did his “PLN4” which was about a very serious topic, underage drinking. Trent also did his “What Matters” Just a note to everyone keep your hands at your sides and finish with a question. We had some extra time at the end of class so we broke into small groups and either read or worked on our PLN 13. Just another fantastic day in Smith’s all boys class.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today in Mrs. Smiths English 9 all boys class we started off by going over our homework which was to read chapters 15 & 16, ask meaning full questions, connections, and annotations. Also we have a vocab quiz tomorrow on all our vocab words including the vocab card that is due tomorrow. Tomorrow several of the students in our class will be presenting on our PLN work in front of the class. Today we listened to the song "long Nights" and made connections from it to the other stories that we have read in the past. Then we read chapter 15 in "Into The Wild" and discussed it.

Scribe 10\5\2011

Today in Mrs. Smith’s English 9 class we started out with catching up on our vocab cards, read chapter 13 in "Into The Wild" as a class and then she gave us time to either read as a group or to work on things by ourselves. We where reminded that it is important to get our grades up by redoing assignments as many times as we want within the time limit. Our homework was to read chapters 13-14 and ask meaningful questions, also we have a vocab quiz on friday

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scribe 10/4/2011

Today in Smiths class we first talked about homework. Todays home work consists of: vocab quiz, PLN 12 and read chapters 11-12. Then Smith told us about how helpful it was hyperlinking the actual blog to our blog. Also remember to cross-post our PLN. Short story redos are due today. For the people who did not get a good score on the scored discussion, Smith told us to come in and talk to her. Next we read more of Thoreau’s Higher Laws. We connected this passage by Thoreau to Chris Mcandless. Our class looked for quotes so that we can connect with “into the wild” Chris is living the extreme. He continues finding challenges for himself. Next smith told us that we have two options, reading chapters 11-12 as a class or work on PLN 12.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pln11: 2020

“2020 Vision”, by Karl Fisch describes our huge leap in technology developments and how the class of 2020 will look back at technology today and laugh.  Already much technology equipment has been designed in this early 21st century, and it is absolutely mind blowing on how advanced the world has become.  The class of 2020 most likely started their learning career in 2007. That year is significant to me because the first ever Iphone was created.   Economically the creation of all the new technology has been downright expensive, but in 2020 the price tag for a laptop might be double from what it is today because of the increase in technology.  By 2018 the world may stop importing oil goods and run completely off of energy.  My own thoughts are during or by the end of this decade, you won’t see many of your favorite television shows live, instead you will probably watch them on a cell phone or laptop.  Let’s face it most Americans don’t watch the season premiere of Glee when it’s airing live!  Instead they just record and watch it when they aren’t as busy, or they might just search up funny clips from the episode online.  I’m not saying television will be extinct; they just won’t be used as often.  Overall, I have no clue on what the world will be like for the class of 2020; however I wish the best of luck to you guys on trying to keep up with technology.

Scribe 10/3/11

Today in Smiths fabulous gentleman's class we wrote our questions on the board and discussed chapters 5-11 in Into The Wild

Homework: Vocab quiz over the 6 words we learned on Friday, read chapter 11 in Into The Wild, Vocab card (philosopher), and redo short story annotations.