Friday, September 30, 2011

Scribe 9/30/11

Today in Smith’s class we did many thing’s. First off, homework due Monday is to read chapters 9-10 and write down three higher level questions. Also GE 6 which is, write a letter to Chris from someone who is against what Chris is doing. PLN 11 needs to be posted on your own blog. On Monday be prepared to discuss chapters 5-10. Then we turned in vocab cards and watched PLN presentations. Overall good presentations but leave out unneeded words such as like and um. Also bring a note card so you are not messing with your hands and so you don't look at the board. To add on to that look at more than just a few people, look at every one in the class. After presentations Smith checked for the three questions over chapters 5-8. Finally to end the day, Smith helped people that need help with google maps and every one else had free work time.   

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scribe 9/29/11

Today in our all guys class we started off by going over what makes the new type of pln good. It includes; a good topic sentence (MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A WHY IN THE TOPIC SENTENCE), good connections, and good questions. Make sure you are writing to the person and not talking about them, prof read, no personal words, talk specific, and stay on topic. Next we watched clips from the movie Into The Wild and discussing relationships.

Homework: make sure you have read chapters 5-8 in  Into The Wild, redo the essay paper, vocab card, redo short story annotations.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


HW: Paper redos- writing lab final copy due 10/1, read 4-7 Into The Wild (3 questions, annotations, connections, questions), redo short story annotations.

I the all boys class today we had a few visitors that were not guys. They helped us with discussing what is better about Arapahoe compared to other high schools around the world. After discussing the attributes of Arapahoe, the class as one started to highlight and annotate chapter 6 of Into The Wild.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today In smiths Amazing 2nd hour English class we read just write poorly by mr. fisch. We then learned how to respond to blogs and how to respond correctly. To respond we have to start off with a good topic sentence. An example topic sentence is Mr. Fisch- I really am intrigued by your idea of publishing writing constantly and continually; I am going to challenge myself to write online more frequent so that I can become a better writer. We then say how the post connects to us, education and the world. then you ask questions that you have and after that we will sum it up with a concluding sentence. So now on Tuesday's when we have a free choice for PLN you will have to cross post. That means you will post it to your own blog and then respond to the author. You don’t want to link the post when you respond. When you do post you are going to want to prof read refer to them as Mr. ___________. To respond after you read go to comments and reply there. We later looked at google maps and if we want to use google maps instead of google earth you can. We then listened to music and looked at pictures. For homework tonight we have PLN 10, Google earth 5, read chapter 5 and remember that our re-dos for our essays are due this Friday. You must go in for help on that to get points back. Either go into writing lab our talk with Mrs. Smith. The annotation re-dos are due by next Tuesday. You can only redo one story for points. Let’s have a great rest of the week boys!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/23/11 Scribe

Today in Smiths class we checked out Into The Wild books for anyone who needs one. Also homework over the weekend is PLN 9 and read chapters 1-3 in Into The Wild. We then turned in our picture with quote from Higher Laws. Also learned how to edit pinpoints on Google Earth. To finish the day we had PLN presentations and then free work time.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


    Today we learned about a large amount of how to connect multiple things at once and we determined our G-Force team, Austin, Scott, Lou, Alex E, and Smith. Go to our G-Force team if anyone needs help on GE then you can go to these people and they will help you. The first thing we did in class was we listened to smith read us a piece titled, “Walden” by Thoreau and told us to think about connections to it while she was reading it to us. After she finished reading we read it and highlighted and made even more connections. Next, we listened to two songs by the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, “Sitting Forth,” and, ”No Ceiling.” While listening to the songs and Eddie’s moans and groans and had to highlite and underline a small section or so that connected to to build a fire. Such as, on stanza  two in “Setting Forth” he says
Now i recall
Everytime i fall
Which may mean that he could connect that to every time our main character in, To Build a Fire falls through the ice and has to warm himself up, tht he will always remember every time he falls through the ice.Homework is as follows:
    Paper redos-Read chapter 1-3, Picture with quote from Higher Laws

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scribe 9/21/11

Today during smiths wacky class we discussed about redoing our essay. If you want to redo your essay you must bring your essay into writing lab or go into the language arts office and get a signature by a teacher. Connect your old short story to the knew one. The new essay is do next Friday! Our homework is to redo any Pln or writing assignments that are incomplete and turn them in before Friday! Post your to build a fire paragraph. Also today Smith looked like a Goober today and made me giggle on the inside. GE means Google Earth. We need to do Google Earth 1-3. Many people had problems finding google earth. To get to google earth on a triple E click on other apps on the homepage and then double click on google earth. If your google earth picture doesn’t show up you must log in to the Internet. We are going to create a journey of our learning throughout the book In To the Wild. We must promise to save our google earth profile every night. Write every writing piece in google docs. You need to get a jump drive in case you don’t own one. You can download google earth to your home computer for free. Here’s how you create a google earth folder. 1st left click my places, then right click on your left click. Then add a folder. Title the folder your first name and last names first initial. Every place mark you make is google earth 1,2,3 etc. First find the place you want by searching it in the search bar. The first google place mark is a place that matters to you the most. click on the push pen to place a mark. Copy and paste your what matters essay to your google earth and title it GE1: what matters to me. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! To save drag your GE1 and drop it in to your folder. Then right click your folder and save it to your thumb drive. For your Ge2 put your To build a fire paragraph in your google earth folder. Here is the walk through to save on your thumb drive. First go to your folder right click and save place and save it to the desktop. Then copy the document and paste it in your thumb drive.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

scribe for september 9th

final paper due monday
double spaced
typed and revised
good title
indent paragraphs
no printing in class
also print rubric (short story essay rubric)
whole paper worth one hundred points
what we did

pln presentations
comment on
chase pln3
tyler randolfs pln2
alex morris pln2
alex bregs pln6
Elis pln5
Austins pln6
Jimmys pln2
edited conclusion for paper

Scribe 9/20/2011

Today in Smith’s class she first talked about how some people need to do their redo’s on there short story.Our home work today was read to build a fire and annotate it and PLN 8 due Wednesday.  Miss Smith  showed us a good example of a PLN 7 by Lou and Will. Lou’s writing has hyperlinks and he connected two stories together also he used the vocab word. He had a good topic sentence. Then our class read Will’s PLN which they both got  10/10 on. WIll had connected a lot of the information to himself and the world. Smith was saying, by reading there PLN’s we can learn from them. Lou and will both proofread their work. Next our class moved our desks in a circle so we can annotate “To Build A Fire” We talked about the story more and how the person in the story has connections to Alaska. Our class thought that the coldness of the story can be a motif. The dog and the man shows words and actions affect each other. We annotated all the important parts of of the story and we made connections. After that, Smith told us to finish the story and annotate for everyone who didn’t annotate then the bell rang.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scribe for 9-15-11

          Today in the most amazing class in the world, we crammed our head with more information than we did yesterday! We learned how to comment and revises our peers work and not only that but our own work. Some of the many things that we learned today consist of the proper parts of a conclusion statement, as followed:
    • Restate thesis
    • Review points
    • End with a satisfying point

After we had been told how to revise someones writing the proper way we did musical revivsing where we walked around the desks then when the music stopped we found a random computer. We got some hardcore revising done.
Our homework for tonight is to finish our Conclusion for our paragraph we have been revising in class, any Redos that you may have to do and annotate the short stories.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scribe 9/14/2011

  • We checked Intro Paragraphs
  • Started our Body Paragraph
  • -Topic Sentence
  • -Lead-in, “Quote” (Hitchcock’s rope)
  • -Explain the quote you used as your lead-in (What does it mean? How does it connect to our paragraph and thesis statement.)
  • -Transition to next example
  • -Set-up Second example
  • -Lead-in, “Quote”. (Connell)
  • -Explain the quote you used as your lead-in (What does it mean? How does it connect to our paragraph and thesis statement.)
  • -Concluding Sentence

Tonight we have to write Body Paragraph and that is due Thursday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scribe 2 9/13/11

Scribe 9/13/11

            Today, like always in Smiths class, we learned how to become better writers while having a little bit of fun.  On the more serious side of things ALL assignments that are going to be redone are due on Monday. Other homework we had today was our PLN 6 is due tomorrow and we have to have a completed topic paragraph for our paper. We will be writing a paper all week about how words and actions affect others in one of the stories we have read. Our paper also has to include information and our thoughts about the movie Rope. Our topic paragraph needs one of these short stories; “Fish Eyes” by David Brenner, “Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, and “Utterly Perfect Murder” by Ray Bradbury. Our opening paragraph must include the following;
-          An attention getter
-          An explanation to our attention getter
-          Background/information about text
-          Thesis statement (one sentence at the end of paragraph, this must include author, title, restate the question, answer, and why)

After we were given time to work on this paragraph we edited with a different twist than usual; like the rest of Smith’s class we never follow the norm. For our editing we played musical chair! We would go around the desks and then stopped and edited whosever paragraph was in front of us. In Smith’s awe-inspiring class we learn each and every day how to become better writers and better people.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Scribe 9-12-11

Today we were handed and worked on our new vocab word miscreant. We also have our paper that we will be writing due soon the thesis is due tomorrow. We were also shown how to write a good thesis statement. The topic of the paper is how words and actions affect one’s self. Intro: attention getter then explain attention getter, background on texts,
Thesis: one sentence and the last sentence in intro paragraph.
Title author restate answer and why how do words and actions affect who others become. Rope Alfred Hitchcock most dangerous game Richard Connell fish eyes David Brenner. Utterly perfect Murder Ray Bradbury.
An example of a thesis statement. Rope by Alfred Hitchcock and most dangerous game by Richard Connell in both stories words affect the state of others because people to twist words and kill like a little miscreant and or misanthrope.
We used ven diagrams to combine similarities and differences between the 4 stories that we read.
 Our homework for tonight is to do our thesis statement and to do redo’s.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today I’m in the best class in the world - Smith’s class!  That is a hyperbole. We went over what is not a good topic sentence and what is a good topic sentence for our Fish Bowl reading. Our homework is to write a topic sentence for the story “Utterly Perfect Murder” and annotate it. If you don't finish in class, finish it at home. There is also a vocab quiz tomorrow on the word  misanthrope ,and if you signed up for a presentation on your PLN’s on friday you can use any PLN you would like you have to study and practice for that. Your vocab note card is also due tomorrow on the word misanthrope.  Include on the note card the meaning of the word, part of speech,  use the word in a sentence, and draw a picture.  


Today we turned our vocab cards and presented plns. Now after listening to someone present we have to comment the pln and say what you thought they did good on and bad on with their presentations. We learned what it takes to have a good presentation. A good presentation requires you to look at the audience as mush as possible. Make sure you don't have any distracting movements and start with an attention getter. When posting a comment on the presentation be descriptive.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


To day in the best class in the world Smiths class that is a hyperbole. We went over what is not a good topic sentence and what is for are fish bowl reading. Are homework is To write a topic sentence for the story “Utterly Perfect Murder” and annotate if you don't finish in class. There is also a vocab quiz tomorrow and if you seined up for a presentation on Friday you have to study for that. Your vocab` note card is also due tomorrow

Utterly Perfect Murder Topic Sentence

How do words and actions affect who others become in Ray Bradbury's "Utterly Perfect Murder"?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fish Eyes Topic Sentence

How do words and actions affect who others become in David Brenner's "Fish Eyes"?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today in Smiths class are homework is PLN4 and to catch up on your most dangerous games annotations. For the topic of PLN4 you go to and pick any topic you want to read about. The PLN4 is DUE TOMORROW. We also learned are new vocab word for the week which is Misanthrope which means hatter of all people. Smith also talked about how every Friday some kids will do a presentation on any PLN. You sign up on a peace of paper three times for the days you want to present on.

Requirements of PLN presentations

We also finished reading and annotation The Most Dangerous game. Then we rote are most dangerous game topic sentence if you didn't finish it was homework and then comment it on are class blog.


8/24/11  Homework: PLN1 is due tomorrow/ proof read it/ put it on your blog that you already titled PLN1! Remember, if we all score 9s or 10s we get food!    What we did in class today is write a multi-paragraphed essay on Mr. Booth informing us that the technology is a distraction and that he believes that cellphones, iPods and computers should be eliminated from the campus. This multi-paragraph has to be thesis driven and argumentative to persuade the school administrator to reconsider this decision. Make sure to give reasons supporting the benefits of technology in the school.                                                                   Will Metherd

Most Dangerous Game Topic Sentence

How do words and actions affect who others become in Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game"?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scribe 9/1/11

Today in our wonderful all gentleman's English class, we finished the movie Rope. At the ends of the movie, Rupert found out that Brandon and Phillip killed David. Rupert shot a gun out the window so that the police would come and arrest Brandon and Phillip for the murder. After we finished the movie we were handed a short story booklet where we marked page 27 of the story Most Dangerous Game. We found out that we need to read over the story and annotate it likewise:

1. How do words and actions affect who others become (highlight and explain)
2. Look for literary devices (highlight and explain)
3. Ask questions

Then, we discussed topic sentences. Ms. Smith showed us examples of good topic sentences:
Alfred Hitchcock's Rope explains who words and actions affect others; Rupert’s words influenced Brandon to kill because “superior individuals have the right to kill those who are inferior.”


Alfred Hitchcock's Rope explains who words and actions affect others; Rupert’s words influenced Brandon to kill.

ALL topic sentence must include:
Restate the question
The title and author
Answer the question

HW: Annotate assigned section of Most Dangerous Game, turn in notes for rope, vocab card.

what matters to me

What matters to me. My family matters to me the most. They are always there for me and always telling me to do my best. My mom helps me with all of my work, my dad helps be get better at sports, and my brother does sports with me all the time.
Sports also matters to me because I play them all the time. I play baseball football and basketball competitively. While I will play any sport when I'm with my friends. Sports keep be very busy and it helps me stay active.
Friends also mean a lot to me because I am with them a lot. I usually hang out at friend's houses. I also go to movies, games, or go boating. With out my friends I would have as great as a life.
Traveling is a big part in what matters to me. I have been to all 50 states and 14 different countries with my family. For Christmas break we will usually go some where warm, while during spring break we go somewhere tropical. I am so glad that my parents take me on great vacations.
Boating is a part of my life as well. I go with my family a lot and I bring some friends with me. I have such a fun time tubing and wake boarding. I have so much fun with my family and my friends whenever we go. I'm so glad and blessed to have such great people in my life.


Homework is the the notes written about The Rope. ATTENTION PLEASE BRING HIGHLIGHTERS! Don’t forget about your meeting with Smith. Not very much happened today in Smith’s class but she did criticize us for not being prepared! She did mention that we should attend the cross country race on friday.