Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scribe 3/1/2012

Today in Smiths class we turned in our homework which is the grammar sentences. Homework for the weekend is: Redo position paper due at end of six weeks you must see Smith or go into writing lab, action plan due March 23, finally relationship chart for book is due Monday, Print off rubric here, also share with Smith. Then in class we took our weekly grammar quiz and signed up for speeches next week. We also talked about the ending of the book, and checked out new books. We talked about how relationships change and grow, just like how with Chris and his mom there relationship grew but with his dad it shrunk and grew.Relationships change and grow all throughout the story, like Chris and Mr. Shears there relationship changed. A great question we talked about is: Is trust in a family, love, or friend relationship different kinds of trust’s or is trust just one thing? In the last 15 minutes of class we had work time to work on relationship chart.
The order of presentations are:
  1. Chase C.
  2. Dan M.
  3. Lou S.
  4. Scott A.
  5. Jimmy H.
  6. Will B.
  7. Alex B.
  8. Alec T.
  9. Jake W.
  10. Austin B.
  11. Alex M.
  12. Adam B.
  13. Jack M.
  14. Jonathan K.
  15. Caleb B.
  16. Isaiah R.
  17. Joey S.
  18. Monty F.
  19. Will M.
  20. Tyler R.

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