Monday, April 9, 2012

scribe 4-9-12 Scott Ayers

Today in Smith’s class tensions started to rise as we were ready to present our mixed tapes. The class received a new seating chart which everyone was disappointed about. For your mixed tape you could either play music on your ipod or burn the music on a CD. Everyone showed their true creativity with the CD and album covers. Tyler was the brave soul who had to present first in class. He showed confidence and was ready to go. Today all the students were able to listen to solid and very powerful music while they connected to issues. At the beginning the songs for Tyler felt like they were never going to end... Luckily they did. The first five people to go or already went were Tyler, Lou, Austin, Jimmy, and Dan M.
The rest of the order is
6. Chase C
7. Will B
8. Scott A
9. Jake W
10. Alec T
11. Caleb
12. Alex M
13. Will M
14. Monty
15. Jon
16. Isaiah
18. Adam
19. Joey
20. Alex B

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