Friday, October 7, 2011

Scribe for 10-7

In Smith’s spectacular second hour class we have three pieces of homework.
1.Three questions from chapters 11-18 in Into the Wild.
2.Get prepared for the big graded discussion on Monday.
3.Do PLN 13 “Googley Advice” over the weekend due Monday. (Remember that only on the Tuesday PLN do you write a letter to the author)
On the agenda today we had a splendid vocabulary quiz where we had to know the part of speech, know the definition, and write a sentence using the word. We also listened to PLN presentations from our following classmates. Alex Morris who did his PLN 10 about Karl Fisch’s “Just Write Poorly, In Public, Everyday” I personally think Alex did a fantastic job! Isaiah did his “What Matters” which was also good but didn’t end with a question. Jack Marion also did his “What Matters” and ended with a great question. Scotty did his “PLN4” which was about a very serious topic, underage drinking. Trent also did his “What Matters” Just a note to everyone keep your hands at your sides and finish with a question. We had some extra time at the end of class so we broke into small groups and either read or worked on our PLN 13. Just another fantastic day in Smith’s all boys class.

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