Monday, October 24, 2011

Scribe 10-24-11

Today in English 9, 2nd Hour, we got a new vocab card (dismal) the PLN 15 was checked, and we watched star wars, while taking notes on epic hero and epics. Then midway though us watching the movie, our beloved projector died. (Unknown-Oct. 24 2011)(R.I.P) After we took a moment of silence, we then began talking about our Odyssey project. If you need the guidelines, go to the webpage and go under the “Odyssey” Our home work is to Redo: PLN's, short story essays, Google Earth projects, short story annotations and the star wars notes will be collected tomorrow, (Tuesday, Oct. 24) ALL REDOS DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4.
News Update: In the Last Seconds of Class, Mr. Ficsh Brought in the Born-Again Projector!!

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