Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scribe 10/4/2011

Today in Smiths class we first talked about homework. Todays home work consists of: vocab quiz, PLN 12 and read chapters 11-12. Then Smith told us about how helpful it was hyperlinking the actual blog to our blog. Also remember to cross-post our PLN. Short story redos are due today. For the people who did not get a good score on the scored discussion, Smith told us to come in and talk to her. Next we read more of Thoreau’s Higher Laws. We connected this passage by Thoreau to Chris Mcandless. Our class looked for quotes so that we can connect with “into the wild” Chris is living the extreme. He continues finding challenges for himself. Next smith told us that we have two options, reading chapters 11-12 as a class or work on PLN 12.

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