Monday, October 3, 2011

Pln11: 2020

“2020 Vision”, by Karl Fisch describes our huge leap in technology developments and how the class of 2020 will look back at technology today and laugh.  Already much technology equipment has been designed in this early 21st century, and it is absolutely mind blowing on how advanced the world has become.  The class of 2020 most likely started their learning career in 2007. That year is significant to me because the first ever Iphone was created.   Economically the creation of all the new technology has been downright expensive, but in 2020 the price tag for a laptop might be double from what it is today because of the increase in technology.  By 2018 the world may stop importing oil goods and run completely off of energy.  My own thoughts are during or by the end of this decade, you won’t see many of your favorite television shows live, instead you will probably watch them on a cell phone or laptop.  Let’s face it most Americans don’t watch the season premiere of Glee when it’s airing live!  Instead they just record and watch it when they aren’t as busy, or they might just search up funny clips from the episode online.  I’m not saying television will be extinct; they just won’t be used as often.  Overall, I have no clue on what the world will be like for the class of 2020; however I wish the best of luck to you guys on trying to keep up with technology.

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