Monday, January 9, 2012

Scribe Alex Bragg 1-9-12

For this very tiring, dismal Monday we discussed requirements for our 10 pages/resources we need to print, which need the works cited and a good summary-like title. We now have two sentences to correct to become proper one like our test on Friday and one is introducing new content, for use later in time. After we did our monday corrections we "Collaborated" and discussed all of our topics, which are:
  • Childhood Obesity - Monty
  • Alternate Energy - Will
  • Drunk Driving - Caleb
  • Falling Birthrates - Jonathan
  • Electric Cars - Dan 
  • Racism - Scott
  • Genocide -Lou
  • Uneven Distribution of Wealth -Jake
  • Illegal immigration -Alec
  • Terrorism -Joey
  • Texting While Driving -Adam
  • Nasa Funding -Austin
  • Littering - Alex M
  • Preserving Wildlife - Jimmy
  • Air Pollution - Jack
  • Animal Cruelty - Chase
  • Ivory Trade - Tyler
  • Recycling - Alex B
Hopefully with these topics you can choose one of these and then break off and go into depth about one park of one of these. After we learned how to use EasyBib and then Smith demonstrated it for us. We need 10 Articles by Thursday and they need to be properly cited to MLA standards.

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