Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scribe January 3rd, 2012 Alex B.

Today in the first day of the so called, "last year on earth" we reviewed class expectations and our no D policy, and all the other expectations. We also went over our grading and how it will be done including a new 10% of our grade which is Grammar, mostly for the first 9 weeks to prepare for CSAP. As we moved on we are starting a new thing of copying improper sentences every Monday and slowly day by day we will make one change. By Friday the sentence should be proper and in stellar condition. That Friday we will take a test to format a sentence to be formal. Starting with a sentence similar to what we had on Monday. We can use our grammar packet on this test. Later we talked about injustices, and wrote down many of the issues in this world, for our DOL 1 essay. Tomorrow we will be meeting in room C22.

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