Thursday, January 12, 2012


Today in Smiths class,
we started off the day by getting out the 10 articles we where supposed to already have printed off. Make sure all 10 articles are cited (if not use easy bib).
We then did the Thursday and Friday on the grammar work (refer to packet to know what to do)
Then worked on our thesis statement.
Need a conditional statement
Need to present both sides
Need to answer "why"
Ex: although  

1)conditional statement word
2)present opposing viewpoint
6)reason 1

Ex: Although some people believe professional athletes provide entertainment to society,
            1                                                               2                                                               
professional athletes should not be paid as much because they are not adding anything of value
              3                                       4                             5                                      6
to society and are horrible row models for today's youth.      
   6                                           7

Thesis statement, work cited, 10 articles, web topic, DOL quiz, csap packet

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