Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scribe Alex B 1-10-12

In our superb english class we discovered Smith will be sitting one row seats above the nuggets benches. So don't forget to tune in to see Smith cheering on our pro-Nuggets. We then corrected all of our sentences for our Tuesday requirements. Soon after that Smith decided she would prep us for CSAP by showing us our scores and targeting our weaknesses so that we may improve them. For an example we used Lou then she showed us how we have an estimated score and what our score actually was and how she might improve them for us. For the next two or three days Smith will be calling us up individually and helping us through our weaker parts. When we are not having a 1v1 session discussing CSAP with her we have free time to work on and or highlight/read our 10 articles we need by Friday.

Our homework is:
  • Figure out a Definate toopic by  Wed
  • 10 articles ready with key points or summary(minimum 1 sentence)
  • Research the apposing side of your topic.

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