Thursday, January 5, 2012

1-5-12 Scribe, Chase C.

 In Smith's English 9, we started class on a good note with the possibility of a huge reword based on how we do on our CTW (Change the World) paper. Next, we went to our grammar packet. First off, was dependent and independent clauses. A dependent clause can not stand alone, while an independent clause can. One independent clause = One simple sentence. This is what we need to know, just for now at least. After clauses was punctuation and capitalization. Three lines means it should be a capital and a ^ under a period means that it was added in. Also, remember to check the diagram in the packet.
The second part of class was working on our CSAP practice questions in our packet. We found the important part of each question then circled them to be sure we know what we should be looking for.
In the final minutes of class, we went to a site for new ideas for our CTW paper.

Homework: CSAP packet, MAYBE a grammar quiz, ideas for our CTW paper. 5-10 (most likely 5) really good ones. Book mark at least three pages in the website above.

       S      /    hv V
--------------/--------------                   Remember L for literal and F for figurative when
   /         /        /                         looking at phrases for filling in the web
  /                  /prep                          
  Mod.           noun                   Be sure to put in good topic sentence in                                                              writing question such as number 8 in the packet.

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