Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today In smiths Amazing 2nd hour English class we read just write poorly by mr. fisch. We then learned how to respond to blogs and how to respond correctly. To respond we have to start off with a good topic sentence. An example topic sentence is Mr. Fisch- I really am intrigued by your idea of publishing writing constantly and continually; I am going to challenge myself to write online more frequent so that I can become a better writer. We then say how the post connects to us, education and the world. then you ask questions that you have and after that we will sum it up with a concluding sentence. So now on Tuesday's when we have a free choice for PLN you will have to cross post. That means you will post it to your own blog and then respond to the author. You don’t want to link the post when you respond. When you do post you are going to want to prof read refer to them as Mr. ___________. To respond after you read go to comments and reply there. We later looked at google maps and if we want to use google maps instead of google earth you can. We then listened to music and looked at pictures. For homework tonight we have PLN 10, Google earth 5, read chapter 5 and remember that our re-dos for our essays are due this Friday. You must go in for help on that to get points back. Either go into writing lab our talk with Mrs. Smith. The annotation re-dos are due by next Tuesday. You can only redo one story for points. Let’s have a great rest of the week boys!!!!

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