Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scribe 9/21/11

Today during smiths wacky class we discussed about redoing our essay. If you want to redo your essay you must bring your essay into writing lab or go into the language arts office and get a signature by a teacher. Connect your old short story to the knew one. The new essay is do next Friday! Our homework is to redo any Pln or writing assignments that are incomplete and turn them in before Friday! Post your to build a fire paragraph. Also today Smith looked like a Goober today and made me giggle on the inside. GE means Google Earth. We need to do Google Earth 1-3. Many people had problems finding google earth. To get to google earth on a triple E click on other apps on the homepage and then double click on google earth. If your google earth picture doesn’t show up you must log in to the Internet. We are going to create a journey of our learning throughout the book In To the Wild. We must promise to save our google earth profile every night. Write every writing piece in google docs. You need to get a jump drive in case you don’t own one. You can download google earth to your home computer for free. Here’s how you create a google earth folder. 1st left click my places, then right click on your left click. Then add a folder. Title the folder your first name and last names first initial. Every place mark you make is google earth 1,2,3 etc. First find the place you want by searching it in the search bar. The first google place mark is a place that matters to you the most. click on the push pen to place a mark. Copy and paste your what matters essay to your google earth and title it GE1: what matters to me. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! To save drag your GE1 and drop it in to your folder. Then right click your folder and save it to your thumb drive. For your Ge2 put your To build a fire paragraph in your google earth folder. Here is the walk through to save on your thumb drive. First go to your folder right click and save place and save it to the desktop. Then copy the document and paste it in your thumb drive.

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