Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scribe 9/20/2011

Today in Smith’s class she first talked about how some people need to do their redo’s on there short story.Our home work today was read to build a fire and annotate it and PLN 8 due Wednesday.  Miss Smith  showed us a good example of a PLN 7 by Lou and Will. Lou’s writing has hyperlinks and he connected two stories together also he used the vocab word. He had a good topic sentence. Then our class read Will’s PLN which they both got  10/10 on. WIll had connected a lot of the information to himself and the world. Smith was saying, by reading there PLN’s we can learn from them. Lou and will both proofread their work. Next our class moved our desks in a circle so we can annotate “To Build A Fire” We talked about the story more and how the person in the story has connections to Alaska. Our class thought that the coldness of the story can be a motif. The dog and the man shows words and actions affect each other. We annotated all the important parts of of the story and we made connections. After that, Smith told us to finish the story and annotate for everyone who didn’t annotate then the bell rang.

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