Friday, September 30, 2011

Scribe 9/30/11

Today in Smith’s class we did many thing’s. First off, homework due Monday is to read chapters 9-10 and write down three higher level questions. Also GE 6 which is, write a letter to Chris from someone who is against what Chris is doing. PLN 11 needs to be posted on your own blog. On Monday be prepared to discuss chapters 5-10. Then we turned in vocab cards and watched PLN presentations. Overall good presentations but leave out unneeded words such as like and um. Also bring a note card so you are not messing with your hands and so you don't look at the board. To add on to that look at more than just a few people, look at every one in the class. After presentations Smith checked for the three questions over chapters 5-8. Finally to end the day, Smith helped people that need help with google maps and every one else had free work time.   

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