Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PLN 18

Dear Mr. Mcleod,

            In your post, “In the Future,computer and data everywhere” I can imagine how school, medicine, business, and life will all be greatly altered because of the advances in technology. If the advancements in the video become reality school will be totally change. Instead of carrying around a big book we will be given a tablet that will contain everything that we would ever need. We will be able to communicate with our teachers and have discussions to make us more inventive and resourceful learners. We can also collaborate with people all over the world and learn what they believe and why. We will be able to see how other people live from the comfort of our school, office or even out very own house. Our business will become a lot more connected and intertwined with the world because the world is really at out finger tips. Goods and ideas can be shared and talked about to make changes that will help the seller become more successful. If the technology shown in “In the Future, computer and data everywhere” becomes actuality our world would instantly become connected through a screen.

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