Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scribe 11/2/11


Today in Mrs.Smith’s class we started of with copying down our homework. All redos are due by tomorrow. We continued to read the Odyyessey. Page 560 line 300 tell the end. Odysseus
defeats his enemy’s and rejoins himself with his wife Penelope. Penelope tests him with a secret that only he would know to make sure he is the real Odysseus. We than got our computers out to work on our Facebook page and watched a movie on the books. The scene we started with was the scene in the Cyclops’s cave. Odysseus and his men escaped the cave only losing 2 of his warriors. They make it to the land of Circe’s Palace where Odysseus’s men have been turned into animals. After he sleeps with Circe, her women than feed them lotus flower and seduce them into a calm relaxing state of mind. Circe tricks them in thinking that they’ve been there for five days but really they’ve been there five years. Odysseus soon realizes hes been there for way to long. He takes his men and leaves. He must now travel to the depths of hell to talk to Tiresias. When hes there he learns he must travel through the land of Scylla and Charybdus. We Skip ahead a few chapters to when he is at home and with his with Penelope. We ran out of time and stopped the movie. Homework for tonight is to work on your Facebook page and to do any and all redos for tomorrow.

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