Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scribe 11-17

Today in our fantastic, fun charismatic class we finally got around to reading one of the most fascinating books in the world! In our Superb class we reviewed that our TIB essays are due by the Monday after thanksgiving break. Can I get a wahoo for one week off school? To get full credit on our TIB essay you need to go in for writing lab or either see Smith and proofread to make your essay near-perfect. After we reviewed that we got around to reading, along with acting out, our book, Inherit the Wind. Although some people in our class don’t exactly know their roles yet, we still attempted to act out the scenes as best as we can. Don’t forget to bring your own book tomorrow so that Smith doesn’t have to loan you one of hers. You know that leads to depressing things. Get it…The Great Depression?
Our homework for Smiths class is:
·         PLN presentations
·         TIB essay
·         Face booking Redo’s
·         Any other Redo’s.

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