Friday, November 18, 2011

scribe 11-18-11

Today in Smith’s lovely class we talked over about editing our This I believe essay. The following is important to put your TIB essay in Smiths folder. First make sure to export and save it as your name. ex ScottA, you need to save it as a word doc. First click on classes on a library computer, then click on smith, and click on English 2. Finally drop the doc into the drop box. To drop it in you drag the doc into the drop box. She will be able to see if you put the doc into the drop box. Other piece of homework that is not required is to redo Facebooking the Odyssey. Also we did our Pln presentations, so tell your folks at home to watch your great presenting skills. We also wanted to drop our writing piece into the drop box and went to Mr. Fisch’s blog and read “What Should be the Purpose of School” and we clicked on the google form and filled it out.

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