Sunday, November 6, 2011


In George F. “Will’s Lost in Electronica” talks about how boys are being board to much. This matters to me because i don't like being board its no fun but. It is hard to be doing something fun every second and it is hard to be doing something every second. And Doctors are now saying it is not good to be board for a long time and i do not want to be doing something that is not good for me. This matters to education because kids get board allot in school and it is hard to learn when its boring. Everyone seams to remember thing vary well it is was fun and existing. But know one remembers ideas that are boring. So how are kids going to learn if they are board all the time in school. This matters to the world because if kids are not learning in school because they are board how is the world going to move forward in technology and in the future. I is also not healthy for humans t be board allot. The article talks about how 50 years ago people would get board after two hours of nothing to do now people get board after 30 seconds of nothing to do. Doctors say the reason for this is technology. So do you think that technolagy has help the world and humans after all. All in all, boredom is a problem for boys and for eveyone and is a problem that humans need to fix.

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