Monday, August 29, 2011

What Matters to me?

What’s most important to you? After reading, “What Matters to Me” (Couldn’t find link) there are many things that matter to me!. Not only do I love certain people but I also love certain things! Music, Friends (Including my girlfriend), riding my bike and staying healthy!
For my opening statement, Music maters a great deal to me! Not only do I believe that music is one of the biggest ways to relax, but I believe It’s also one of the most massive ways to get hyped up! Music can help people do better In sports If they have their favorite music going, as I’ve observed lately. I don't know if this Is true but for me I run faster and do everything 10 fold harder with my favorite song playing. Another great thing about music Is when I'm very mad about something I can play rainy mood, (synthetic rain app for android) and my favorite dub-step song and It calms me down very fast. It also gives me Goosebumps from It sounding so godly to me.

            Also, Friends matter a great amount to me, especially my girlfriend. Friends are the kind of people I can go to after a very boring day and school and can make me laugh my butt of until the point where I pee my pants! They also can help cheer me up if I really need it. My girlfriend Is probably one of my best friends too, because I can tell her virtually anything and trust her unlike my friends that find It funny to act like they are going to tell someone my secrets.

            Next, Riding my bike Is a humongous activity for me not only do I love having a more first person view of the road but I love having the wind being In my face and being free unlike In a car and being entrapped In a moving metal box and breathing stale air. I can also ride my bike anywhere which is what I have to do because my parents are always working and I have no transportation so I ride my bike! I do go on actual biking trips sometimes. There is a route that's 27+ miles called Taste of the Palisades and you get to tour all of the wineries In Palisade, CO. It’s just past Glenwood Springs, CO.

            Finally, staying healthy matters to me a bunch! Staying healthy can mean a lot of things but I think it’s keeping a well-balanced diet when I can. I don’t mean eating semi healthy things I mean that I really strive to keep my diet balanced by having yogurt or a fruit with my meal and keeping the sugary fatty foods down. This works out well for my school schedule and life schedule because I can’t eat fatty sugary foods then do long marathons of activities. I have swimming right after lunch and if I eat too much fatty foods with sugar I will perform not as good as I can by eating healthier food.
After all, the article, “What Matters to Me” made many things that matter to me stand out. Many of the things that became clear that stood out to me where Music, Friends, Riding my Bike, and Staying healthy. These are truly the most important things to me that help me get through life one step at a time! What helps you get through life?
By Alex Bragg


  1. Alex- you have so many ideas! I'd like to se you work on proofreading this piece into a more formal writing piece. There are a number of errors with your punctuation, capitalization, and run on sentences. Your good ideas and voice are lost with all the errors. I really like what you did with your collage. Please take the time to polish this piece into a more professional piece. You can do it!

  2. Alex- please proofread. You have a number of errors with capitalization and run on sentences. Please redo. Also, make sure to end your piece with a concluding thought tying your ideas together.