Monday, August 29, 2011

Lots of things matter to me, but some more than others. Here is what matters to me the most.

One major part of my life that matters to me is hockey. Hockey lets me know the whole team had worked until they couldn’t skate another inch and was rewarded with a victory. With the hard work I put in, I come out feeling stronger and faster after every practice and game.

Along with the sport, my hockey team matters to me. Playing with the same coach and some kids for eight years lets us get to know each other. Even the new kids to the team soon become good friends who we watch out for. Every player on the team is willing to come together on the ice, protect one another, and win. Having a team like that really does matter to me.
Drums make a big impact on my life. Playing or even thinking about drums keeps my mind thinking quickly. Drums are an amazing source for relaxing. While I am jamming to a ‘’Rush’’ song or just soloing for the fun of it, nothing can get to me. Homework or a test can’t bother me at all.

Sleep is extremely important to me. After a long day of working hard or staying up late, nothing is better than relaxing for just a little bit then going to sleep. With enough hard work, it doesn't matter what time it is or where I am, sleep is sleep. That could mean after an early morning hockey game on the car ride home, or at 2 a.m after hanging out with some friends until 12:00 over the summer. It doesn't matter, but sleep does.
My dog makes an enormous impact on my life. Every day after school, my dog Scooter is waiting for me and immediately runs to me. After I pet him for a little while, he likes to go lie down by the couch while I eat. Then I pet him even more while he rests under the couch. Not only do we spend a lot of time together, he also protects me from anyone, even people he knows. Any time someone gets too close, he will growl or step in just to be sure I'm not in any danger.
Of course, school  matters a lot in my life. I study hard and do my homework because I know my future depends on it. If I didn't go to school or didn’t try, my whole life would spiral down and I would lead myself into a very poor and terrible ending.

Like anyone, my friends and family matter to me also. My family supports me no matter what it is, stupid or not, they are there. My friends also help me out with my school work and watch out for me. If a crazy stupid idea pops into my head, they may not stop me, but they at least keep me safe.

With so many important topics in my life, it is good to know which ones really matter the most. All of these activities and people make a very big impact and I hope to stay with them for the rest of my life..

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  1. Chase- you have a really great start to an A+ post. Your ideas are excellent, but your sentences need to be proofread. You are missing marks of punctuation and capitalization. Also. some sentences just need a little extra attention. Finally, make sure to end your response with a concluding sentence. Great collage!