Monday, August 29, 2011


Friends and family are a large part of my life and they are a large part of what matters to me. They are there and they care about me and my life they will never go away and will always be in my memories.
My mom matters to me because ever since my parents have gotten divorced she has done everything for me and my brothers and has had to be strong to take care of all of us. She has always pushed to do my hardest on everything and she always told me that she would support me in whatever I did with my life. She has been a large part of my life and she always does whatever she can do to protect my brothers and me.
My brothers matter to me because they are always going to be there and I just have to live with them even if they are being annoying and just bothering me because it’s funny, I'll still love them and will have to appreciate their company. My brother Lee is a senior and he will occasionally drive me home from school which is really nice and always makes it more convenient so that I don't have to take the bus. My other brother John just tries to irritate on purpose just to see how mad ill get by him doing one sound or motion over and over to me but, sometimes out of the goodness of his heart he’ll make me laugh.
My friends matter to me because they’ll always make me laugh and they always make good company. They matter because it’s great to have someone to go and eat lunch with during first lunch or go and get homework done with during an off hour. It’s great to have someone that you talk to about things that you wouldn’t talk about with others. They will be there when you’re in need or just want to hang out. Friends matter because they are on the same level as you and can understand a lot more about you than an adult could.
My Grandpa matters to me because he is such an influence to me when I go back east and visit him. He always tries to mentor me and tells me to learn something new every day. He has taught me so much from when I was little to where I am now. He has bestowed so many goals on me that I feel proud to carry and he just tries to as much as a friend to me as my grandfather. When I'm around him he’ll tell me stories of his childhood that mean a lot to mean and just show me how much different my life is and how lucky I am.
My dog Gunnar matters to me because he’s my crazy little dog that always makes me laugh. His highlight of his day is when I come home from school or get up in the morning to let him out of his kennel. He will try to show off to people that come into the house by doing stupid things or giving them his toys or our shoes. But no matter how mad he makes me by him chewing up one of my favorite things he always makes it up in the end by showing so much love and affection. He tries to protect my family and I even though he’s a giant baby that is scared of everything, but no matter how loud annoying he is I still love him because he’s my little buddy.
My Uncle Phil matters to me because he is my godfather and just is a kind and loving person. He has some strange guidelines that he follows but to me they’re funny and make me laugh. He will only buy American made everything or he doesn’t use it or wear it. He can make the saddest moments into ones that are funny or just his smile can cheer up a room. When I was little I would go visit him and through a temper tantrum and go hide somewhere but he would cheer me up either buy tickling me or telling me a funny story. Even though he has no children he treats me like his child and will always make me feel welcome.
Irvington, Virginia matters to me because it is a little town founded by my great grandfather that all my family and cousins live in. It is a little town that holds a large part of my memory either going there for Christmas or going there for summer break. Irvington was a large part of my life when I was little because it is where I can see all of my cousins and my grandfather or uncles. It allows me to see my family history by looking at the old buildings that are there from when my great grandfather built them or going to a museum that shows how the town evolved from just family to hundreds of families that live there now. It is a comforting place to me and will probably always will be for the rest of my life
Several places or people matter to me but the ones that are the most predominant to me are the ones I listed above they all are a large part of my life and will always be that way. They dominate my life and will keep me going when I'm down, they will remind me of how lucky I am to have all of these people that support me in what I do every day. They mean more to me than you can imagine and I will always cherish the memories I have with them or at them.

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  1. Will- Wow! This is a very detailed and well thought out piece. Take the time to do some proofreading. I see some run-on sentences. Overall, I am truly impressed and expect you to push yourself with your writing. The conclusion that you wrote is heart-warming and I hope you share this post with your family! Good work Will.