Sunday, August 28, 2011

What matters to me.

Family matters to me. My parents are the most inspirational people I have ever met. My mom has been raising me since day one and I love her for that. She has been through a lot raising me because I wasn’t the easiest kid to listen. My mom has cooked, cleaned and washed for me ever since I can remember. Now being older I have to learn how to do those things by my own. She has always taught me how to deal with tough situations and girl problems. She is the best mother anyone can have. My dad is very supportive. He provided for our family ever since I was born. He always comes to my basketball and football games and I love him for that. Even though all he talks about is grades and sports he is always there for me. I also have two younger sisters (Jesse and Jennifer) that means I have to take a role of being the second man in the house providing with security and love. Therefore My family matters to me.

Basketball matters to me. I love basketball with all my heart and it’s always been there for me. Basketball makes me feel relaxed and free. It is also good exercise to stay in shape. I have been playing basketball since 4th grade and I have learned so much about it. This past summer I worked hard enough to make the sophomore basketball team. Being a freshman, that’s pretty big. Although education is number one basketball will forever be my favorite sport.

Football matters to me. Football is the sport where I feel the most freedom. My coach told once told our team that this is a sport where you won’t get in trouble for hitting people. After he said that I loved the sport. People say that football isn’t quick thinking and it’s for stupid individuals. That is not true, football requires like every other sports. Football is more than just a sport. It’s a family. My football team is like a second family to me because I can always rely on them on the football field and in school. That’s why football matters to me.

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  1. Jonathan- you provide good detail to support your paragraphs. Work on proofreading your paragraphs as some have missing punctuation and other errors. I can't wait to see your collage!