Sunday, August 28, 2011

What matters to me.

First and foremost my family matters to me. I couldn't possibly ask for a better family than the one I got. My family is always there for me and for each other through thick and thin. We have had some hard times over the past couple of years but we have made it through. I don't know what I would do without, Mom, Dad, Jason, Steven, Amber, Sarah, and Emily.

Hurley matters to me. No not the brand Hurley, my dog. We got Hurley when she was still a puppy, my sister got her from a shelter when she was in college and realized she couldn't hide her from the landlord anymore and that's when Hurley became ours. She might a little fat and lazy, but she is a great dog.

Friends matter to me. I have some great friends and its going to be sad when I am going to have to leave and make new ones, But I'm sure my new friends will be almost as good. I have known some of my friends for years and some not quite that long. But all of them have been great.

Music matters to me. I have been playing guitar for about 4 years now, and piano for about a year. Music is on my mind about 23 hours a day if I'm practicing or if I just have a song stuck in my head, its always there. I am always wanting to learn more and get better and better. Music is a big part of my life.

Boating matters to me. Wake boarding has been my favorite thing to do since I was five years old. I am my happiest when I'm at a lake with my boat. but wake boarding isnt the only thing i do behind the boat just my favorite, I also, wake skate, wake surf, air chair, slalom ski, double ski, and just about anything else.

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  1. Eli- I love the picture of you wake boarding! I am a huge water sports fan. Nice humor and voice in your writing. I want you to work on proofreading your entry some more. You are missing some marks of punctuation and some sentences need a little attention. Also, I would add some more specifics to your friends and music paragraphs.