Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Script 3 8-23-11

Today is Mrs. Smith’s second hour English 9 class we took an assessment on “The Lady or the Tiger,” and after we finished reading and answering questions on the reading, we then wrote a topic sentence for it. After everyone in the class was finished with the two tasks Mrs. Smith helped us with our first PLN, which is due this Thursday, and how to write a great PLN. To write a great PLN you must have an interesting topic sentence, which includes the 4 components. The 4 components are including the title, author, the topic sentence restates the question, and why. If you have these four components you’re topic sentence should not only tell the reader what you’re blog is about, but it will also help you get a better grade. After your topic sentence you should say what matters from the film. The next three things you will connect the movie to you, education, and to the world. After each of the connections you should have examples to follow up each point. After that you will get even deeper and ask questions or extend you’re thinking. After that, is a conclusion which RESTATES the topic sentence. If we all get 9’s or 10’s on this we will get a sweet reward. Have a good rest of the week.   

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