Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scribe #1 8/18/11

Today during Mrs. Smiths' 2nd hour english 9 class we did multiple things. We started off the class by, going over blogs posted from the past 2 days. We compared different blogs and discussed what exceptional and unacceptable blogs looked like. Another thing that we learned from Mrs. Smith's class was how we greet guests when they enter the classroom. Whenever a teacher or student walks in the classroom that is not apart of the class, you simply clap for them. You may think it is a kind gesture but it makes them feel uncomfortable. After we applauded newcomers, we discussed what the difference between A, B, and C work. A few "A" qualities are neatness, organization, revision, exceeds expectations and well thought out. B qualities: Above average, 3-4 errors, creative but missing some elements, revision shown but still in progress, and time and effort put in. A few C qualities are that it meets expectations, some thought put in, some disorganization, few original thoughts, and repetitive ideas. From there we all signed and a sheet that made us fully aware of the type of work we will be turning in. A video followed, it was about how teachers were preparing us for jobs that don't exist! It also stated that we have to compete for our jobs and work harder then ever if we want to succeed. Then after, we got to ask Mrs. Smith questions incase she puts trivia about herself on her tests. Mrs. Smith loves the bands Cold play and Weezer, her favorite food is pizza, her favorite movie is stripes. Matt, Keith, and Adam are her brothers, and she has three kids Jackson age 9, Emma age 9, and Will age 6. She enjoys wearing the color black, although she doesn't have a favorite color.

Student ID
We will need these materials because we are heading to the library tomorrow so be prepared!

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