Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My dog is what keeps me going on some days
This is the symbol of an amazing learning society.

The blood sweat and tears i have shed in this helmet have made me one with it.

What matters to me is family, family matters to me because you only have one. I love my parents and other family members. My dad is my biggest role model because he taught me everything I know now from making smart choices to good manners.
Hockey is important to me hockey is the most important thing in my life next to family. I have a saying for hockey and it’s “hockey is where I live. Life is just a place to spend time between games.” I have been playing hockey for 7 years now and it is my favorite activity.
Friends matter to me friends are very important to me because they are always there for me when I need them. I have friends that are like brothers to me like a kid on my hockey team named Billy Kowalski. He is like my brother and I have many more that are like brothers to me too.
School matters to me because I need it to have a good career I need to have a good education for any well paid career that I have. School is important because without it there would be no learning and then all kids would be basically dumb if it wasn’t for school.

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  1. Alec- this is a good start. I'd like to see more of a topic sentence beginning your entire What Matters post. Also, you need to spend more time proofreading your post. There are missing marks of punctuation. Make sure to expand on your points as well. There is so much more you could tell us about you!