Monday, August 29, 2011

PLN #2

Mountain Biking matters to me because it’s a thrill and an adrenaline rush! I started mountain biking when I was 7 and have loved it ever since. Through all the years of crashing I have learned one thing. Always out do yourself. You can’t get better if you aren’t trying, but with that comes injuries. Although I have not broken any bones, I have had forearms full of raspberries. Not many of my friends mountain bike so I’m mostly alone when I bike. This past Christmas I got my first dual suspension bike, a Specialized Demo 7. I love it and I take care of it like my child, and have been rippin it down trials all summer long.

Skiing matters to me because it never gets boring and you never stop improving. When you hit a stash of powder you feel like you are floating across the ground. That is what I look forward to every winter. I mostly ski Winter Park in Colorado, but others resorts that fit my fancy are Aspen Snowmass, and Vail. The thing about all these mountains is that they all have excellent back country skiing areas. I tried out for the Winter Park Junior Ski Patrol and made it, but the extensive training that follows is too much work for a freshman in high school. I met many people that were as good and or even better than me; I still kind of wish that I ‘d done the training so I could get tips for skiing and make news friends on the slopes.

Family matters to me because they will always be there for me, through the good times and even the bad times. My family guides me in my development as a young adult. I can always count on my brothers and my parents for advice. Because chances are that they have been through the same problems I have. My brothers bully and taunt me, just out of fun and to piss me off. But I can count on them to watch my back through high school. My Parents occasionally yell at me, but only to correct the mistakes that I have made and they do this so that I mature enough so that I can make the right choices when I'm in college and on my own.

God matters to me because he created me and all the things that matter to me. Without him none of us would be here. My religion plays a big role in my life. I have learned to love others as God has loved me. I go to a youth group every night not to socialize, but to enrich my life with the scripture from the bible. I learn from my mistakes but my mistakes get me closer to him because I know I will never be perfect.

Lacrosse matters to me because it is my favorite sport and I am dedicated to getting better and better. I have played since 3rd grade and have had a great time through games and though practices. I can’ Wait for Arapahoe lacrosse to start up so I can improve even more.

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  1. Austin- very good post. I really like the detail and the explanations you provide for each example. Make sure ot proofread your response one more time. There are a couple of errors. Also, I wouldn't use the phrase "piss me off." You want to sound like a ninth grader, but an intelligent 9th grader. Think about phrasing that emotion in a different way. Finally, I'd like to see you begin and end your post with a topic sentence and a concluding sentence. Good work. Keep on improving.