Monday, August 29, 2011


 What matters to me? There are many people, objects, and places that matter to me. But what matters most is my family. I am the oldest with one younger brother and a younger sister who love to have lots of fun. I also have very loving and very supportive parents. Without them I do not know where I would be today.

My family matters to me. My mom and dad are always coming to my games and events and that means a lot to me. My dad also has helped me in all types of sports always making sure I do my best. My mom is helping me with my school work if I am having trouble in anything and is always making sure I get the best grades I can. Sam (who is my brother) can be fun. Although we may fight sometimes he is always more than willing to play football or any other sport with me. Lauren (my sister) is one of a kind. She is always willing to share and is very loving.

My cousins matter to me. I have lots of cousins, 23, and they all matter so much to me.  Two of them, James and Will either are showing me a great time or giving me tips about high school. My cousin James is a very out going person who will find the greatest things to do. Will is also outdoorsy but he is more into fishing and hunting and so am I. Will is also always making sure everything is alright especially when high school came around.

The mountains matter to me. The mountains matter to me because it is a place of peace and quiet. You can hike and explore, and be gone all day and not worry about a thing. Then, head back at night to a very cozy cabin. Also, in the mountains we go on backing trips, fishing, and hunting where nobody is around. We hike 14ers, getting up early and hiking a tall mountain which takes all day, it's lots of fun. In the winter you can ski. I have skied since I was 6 years old and I just love it.

Illinois matters to me. I have a lot of family that live in Illinois (6 aunts and 9 uncles and 12 cousins). When we go back in the summer and winter we have lots of fun. In the summer we will boat, swim, play baseball, zip lining, and hot tubing. In the winter there we will sled ice skate and build snow forts and hot tub all with my cousins.

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  1. Jack- great photos! This is a good piece of writing. I like that you began your response with a topic sentence. Let's work on some proofreading spots. There are some fragmented sentences and some missing marks of punctuation. Finally, end your piece with a concluding sentence summing up your ideas.