Monday, August 29, 2011

will metherd

What Matters to Me

My family matters to me! My family is the best thing that ever happened to me. When someone says family, the first thing that I think of is mi madre! She helps me with everything in my life and without her I wouldn't be alive. She cooks , cleans and is a lot more supportive than my father. My dad is great too. He is the one that put me in sports and pushed me to become the athlete than I am now. Without him, I wouldn't have the outlook of the world. Also, my sister is the person that I don't pay attention to and if she left I would realize that I can't live without.

Maddox matters to me. Maddox is my malamute that lives with me. We rescued him from when he was a stray. He is the most gentle dog that I have ever been with. Maddox used to have a girlfriend named Minnie but she got hit by a car a week before school started.

Baseball matters to me. Baseball has been my love since I was 3 years old. The first word that I ever said was ball. In my first year of tee ball I through the ball all the way from 3rd base to 1st and hit the first baseman in the forehead. I have always been the best on my teams physically and mentally.

Racquetball matters to me. I have competitively been playing racquetball for 6 years. It matters to me because it has taught me how to win and train. Racquetball also taught me how to focus and relax at the same time. Racquetball helps me with baseball a lot in many ways.

Mountains matter to me. The mountains are my outdoor love. The mountains are the only place that I truly feel at home. I have a cabin in Winter Park! I go there every weekend I can. Skiing is the only activity that every season I can just jump on the slopes and know exactly what to do. I ski a lot of park and back bowls. I have been on every run in Winter Park and will never forget how each of them look and smell.


  1. Will, you did a really nice job. I like how many various pieces there are to your life. Good descriptions and examples. There are a couple of proofreading errors that could be fixed. Nice illustrations of what matters!

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