Sunday, August 21, 2011

friday august 19th 2011

today in Mrs Smith 2nd hour English 9 class we discussed about how Austin is such a great scribe and how i need to do better than him. We learned that PLN stands for personal learning networks. Mrs Smith told us that she learns from and talks to other teachers around the world. She also told us what to write about in our PLN, the first thing we need to answer is what matters, then how it connects to me, then how it connects to my education and our class and last how it affects the world. Everyone in the class will present our PLN to the class. Mrs Smith showed us some examples of a good PLN and told us how to write a good PLN. is were you can find how to write a good PLN. For our PLN we need to write about Micheal wenchs “a vision of students today”. in the video they showed writing on desks on walls about how students don't learn and then a bunch of college kids showed us notes about how they dont learn as musch as they should and how they spend more time online or whatching tv then doing school work. here's a list of what we took away from the video
  • multitasking
  • origination is important
  • be thank full for what you have
  • you need to stay focused about learning
  • use technolgoy the wright way for learning
  •  technology could be a plus or a minus when it comes to learning  

We need to post this PLN on out blog and if we need help call Austin so hell read our stuff or come in for help. then we went to the libray.

see you on monday
love jake

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