Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what matters to me

What Matters

School matters to me because I need to know about what has happened from the old times all the way to the present. I need to know about how the world became what it is now. It is very important to know about what we have now that people did not have before, like our rights. The Constitution is something very important to know. Also, school is important because it will teach us better grammar, improved writing and a big one is math, for almost everything in life, sooner or later we use math, you even need it for sports.

Sports matter to me because I have always done some kind of sport that makes me run or dive. Soccer and basketball are my favorite, because I like running as fast as I can and looking for someone open and passing it right to their feet or chest. To me sports are a big part of my life because it keeps me active. I am one of the three kids on my dad’s side of the family that does a sport. I play soccer and basketball. My cousin is at Oregon State University and he is a kayaker. My brother is a basketball player at The College of Monterrey in Mexico and my Dad was a QB for the Washington Huskies a while ago. On my Mom’s side of the family I have cousins who play football, baseball, basketball, soccer and wrestling.

Family matters to me because they help me in life. For example, they give me what I need as far as food, clothes and other things. They are always there for me when I struggle in school or in any other situation. My sister Kacie provides lots of fun fighting time. My brother Cory helps me be a better athlete. My mom helps me understand stuff and makes me do things I don’t want to but should.

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  1. Caleb- this is a well written post with good detail. I would like to see some pictures to support your post. Also, there are a couple of minor proofreading errors. Overall, good work.