Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Religion matters to me. God has helped me get through many things and life and I absolutely love him for that. Also praying to the Lord helps me get through the day and helps me make good decisions.  Although I don’t wear a cross I have one embedded in my heart. Whether it’s playing sports or taking a test or even going to bed I know he is with me. Without Jesus I would be lost and I am trying to stay on the path of righteousness and become a better and a more religious man as I grow.

Family matters. Although I fight with my sister or my mom sometimes, I still love them through think and think. My dad has helped me improve in athletics, and has really inspired me to be a hard worker. For my mother she has given me the spark to be more outgoing and crazy. I love my family I can’t imagine a life without them. Finally my three sisters (Natalie 10, Megan 25, and Jess 27,) have helped me earn a characteristic I believe I have which is respectful. Even though I like to mess around, I still have respect for someone I just met or a long time friend.

My friends matter to me. The friends I’ve made here at this high school have already helped out a lot. They respect me for who I am and treat me like a regular human being. They all help me get around the school in case I forget where a class is I know their there to help. Finally I love hanging out with my friends because I always have fun with them and quite frankly they make me a happier person.

My teachers and coaches matter to me. I have progressed so far already from sixth to ninth grade in my skill work for writing, math, and social studies. With the struggle in seventh grade my eighth grade teachers were such a great blessing and helped learned many skills. My basketball coaches have helped me learned many skills and have made me stronger and quicker. I have learned that in order to succeed in this world you must work hard and you can’t be a quitter I’ve learned this lesson from both my teachers and coaches. Even when times are rough you just got to push through in order to get to the good times in life. Life is just a long waiting line and you can either get out and be a quitter or you can stay in it and be able to have a great time once you get on that ride.

Finally I like to be there for my friends. This matters to me because I hate it when I see someone upset or angry. I want to be that kid who’s always there to pick someone up when they get knocked down. I also feel bad when I talk behind someones back because I shouldn't judge right away. Instead I should put myself in their shoes because that person might be going through a tough time. I want people to think of me as a kind and caring person, and I take myself accountable if I do something wrong or immoral.

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  1. Scott- WOW! What a great post. Can you add a topic sentence to your post to tie all the ideas together? Also, add a concluding sentence summing up all your ideas. Take some time to proofread your post as well or come into writing lab. There are some sentences that need punctuating or proofreading. Great ideas, great collage, and great job thus far.