Monday, August 29, 2011

What matters to me

             Striving to be a well rounded person is a important goal of mine. The things that matter to me are the cornerstones of the foundation that i am building to help me reach that goal.

School matters to me, without an education I know that I wont reach my full potential in life. Now school is probably one of the hardest things you will do in life, but its also the most important. You will not find anyone successful that did not get a good education. The kids that say that school isn’t important and that they can do everything they want to do without school, are not going to have a good future and they will have a harder time providing for themselves and their children, when they decide to have them.

Technology matters to me, without technology the world wouldn’t be as great as it is today; Technology makes our lives so much easier, Have you ever personally written a report or looked something up that took less time than it did on a computer? Also Technology just makes life easier in general. Not to mention all of the fun you can have on computers; I am a gamer and I play most of my games on my laptop. I play League of Legends, Guild Wars, Combat arms, and I’m planning on starting to play many more in the future. Technology helps me look up something that i have a question about and also helps me research topics i am interested in.

My family matters to me, they do everything possible for me and they are always pushing me to do better. I love my family and nothing will ever change that. My dad got me to start playing another sport after spending 3 years of my life without taking on a sport. My mom helps me get through scouts and does so much more for me then I credit her for.

Tennis matters to me, It matters because its the first sport that I am actually looking forward to playing. The guys on the Arapahoe tennis team are awesome and always made practice fun in the summer. Also Tennis has been a great stress reliever for me, because when I'm having a stressful day I can just get on a ball machine and smash a few till I'm feeling better.  Also the social network of it has thrown me into many situations that i have had to figure out quickly on my own such as how to communicate better with teammates and opponents.

My friends matter a lot to me, they are a bit weird but they are some of the funniest and nicest people I’ve met. They are never mean to one another so they are good to hangout with when you wanna just get away from all of the drama of high school and life.

Being of service to my community matters to me. Several ways i do that is on weekends i volunteer at a Teen program on Saturday nights through the South Suburban Recreational facilities. I do this because i know that the experience and growth throughout the program will help me become a more responsible person and will help me with problem solving, learning how to approach different situations like interpersonal conflicts between attendees and my supervisory staff. Another thing i do is teach cotillion to grades 6-8 at the J.D.W program at Columbine Country Club. I do this because i like to dance and since I’ve taken cotillion since 4th grade it is easy for me to teach students all of the etiquette and social skills i have learned over the years.

Those things and many more are what matter in my life, without those things my life would be dull like a movie made by Van Sant.

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  1. Alex- great topic sentence. Nice job starting your post. Watch punctuation and capitalization. There are a number of proofreading errors, and we want this to be a polished piece of writing. Take the time to go to writing lab, or have someone proofread for you. Nice conclusion. Good sense of humor!