Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Matters To Me?
Over my 14 years of life I have found many particular factors that matter to me. That category includes family, friends and sports.
My family matters to me the most. In my now shortened household, there is my mother, father and myself. I do have a brother, Michael, and a sister, Emily.
My sister Emily matters to me because she is now a freshman at UNC (Greeley), so she is fresh out of Arapahoe and she has given me tips on teachers and what to do, to do well at Arapahoe.
My brother matters to me. He is now a senior at Colorado State University so he can’t give me as many tips as my sister can, but back when he was at Arapahoe he also had Smith’s class, so he told me how to do well in the class because he did very well himself.
My mom matters to me. She is the best cook I have ever known and she is always there to cheer me on when I cross the finish in a race or make a basket during a basketball game. She always has some words of wisdom for me as I walk out the door and there are so many I can’t remember, but I know each and every one of them mean something great.
The last of my family is my dad. Both him and my brother have a raging sense of humor. Although he jokes around a lot he too is always cheering me on, and having my parents at my sporting events is a real boost to my confidence. They make me want to work harder and achieve the goals in the game, and in my life.
After my family, my friends matter to me. I have so many friends it would be hard to talk about them individually so I will talk about them as a whole. Even though we heckle each other in the hallway we really do look out for each. If I, or another friend, were getting picked on, the others would step in and defend their friend. They really inspire me and I could not ask for better friends.
The last aspect that matters to me is sports. I play basketball, and I run track and cross-country. Some people think I’m crazy because in cross country all we do is run, and our “recovery” run the day after a meet is “only” 3.2 miles, and our usual for the “middle” group is 4-6 miles. But I love it, and I can’t get enough of it. I also love competition, my family is like that too. If we have a rolled up napkin after dinner we all take turns tossing it into a cup to see who makes it first. I literally live and “breathe” sports (because I usually run 5 miles and I’m out of “breath.”)
My life is full of excitement and fun, and there are many aspects of my life that I think matters to me and I would not give it away for anything in the world.

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  1. Daniel- knowing your family the way I do, you are part of something very special. You do a nice job describing the importance of each member. Work on proofreading parts of your post. There are some missing marks of punctuation, and run on sentences. Thanks for sharing! I love the collage.