Tuesday, August 30, 2011

pln 2

My friends and family are a very large part of what matters to me, but I also think it is important to get out side. God has also helped me out a lot.
Friends are important because they always seem to be uplifting. Even when you think it is impossible to be cheerful a good friend can always make you laugh. Friends can turn an incredibly awful task into actual enjoyment. Friends always have your back which is also very important because every now and then you need some one to trust.
Thow my family has their conflicts just like any other family, I am almost certain, but still I can trust my family with almost anything. This is important to me because it almost lightens the load on me. If I need help on school my family is always there. There always to help.
The third and most important person in my life is God. He has always helped me when I need. He has also introduced great to me. He is the reason why I am who I am today.
To sum it up my family, friends, and God matter to me the most because they are always there.

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  1. Joey- nice start with a topic sentence. You have the right idea, but combine the points into one sentence. Nice separation of paragraph points. I like that I know what your focus is in each paragraph. Additionally, work on proofreading those paragraphs and expanding with detailed examples. Use specifics to help illustrate what you are trying to say. Excellent job on your conclusion. Please add some pictures to support.