Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PLN #2

this matters to me because this is when I met Matt Duchene after one of my games

What matters? Everyone has something that matters to them, some have more than others but these are the things that I found matter to me.

Hockey matters to me. All my life i have been surrounded by hockey. My dad and all his brothers have played since they there young kids and have brought me up through the game. After countless hours at the rink and on the ice it has become an obsession for me. I cant go a week without lacing up the skates getting a good session in. There is no other feeling like when you get a good shot off and you feel the puck slide across your blade then watch it fly through the air for a split second as it floats over the goalies right shoulder in between his glove and his head and hits the cross bar and heads down while towards the ice. The sound of the glorious ding and the crowds cheering fill the rink and you cant even hear them. After a quick celebration its strait back out on the ice for another shift. As you get the puck at center ice and you see only one bender ahead of skating backwards and you know exactly how you are going to humiliate him in front of everyone. You hold your stick out to the side of you body and wait for him to take the bate and of course he does, you then slide the puck in between the small opening in his skates and dance around him with ease while avoiding the hit as you processed to go down on the goalie and make slide out of the net with a witty fake and light push the puck into the net.

School Matters to me. You can tell most people including me don't like school, at all. But no matter how much you don't like it you have to go and you can choose whether or not to do good. I know that my future starts now, if i do good in school i have endless possibilities and a promising future but if I don't do good, well it wont look so good for me. Starting this year I am going to try as hard as i can at school.

Family matters to me. As much as you might dislike your parents or siblings you love them, no matter what your family is always there and nothing compares to family. Things can get rough but you have to spend the next four or five years of your life with them everyday so it'd be better if you keep it on speaking terms with everyone. Family really matters to me I know i really matter to them and i plan on keeping that way.

This matters to me  because this goal won the game
this matters to me because that goal won the steamboat tournament
this matters to me because me because this us celebrating a goal 

this matters because i am shaking Joe Sakic hand

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  1. Jake- I am really impressed by the detail and imagery in your writing. Wow- your description of scoring and goal and deeking out your opponent are good. However, work on proofreading your response to eliminate mistakes with run on sentences and missing punctuation. There are quite a number of sentences that need some extra attention. Maybe go to writing lab? Great pictures. Those really add to your what matters post.